The enthusiastic remixes and homages that exist in Edgar Wright’s own work reflect his love of anything from schlocky B-movies to great masterpieces. However, Wright’s films never feel like an encyclopedia of references intended to make the knowledgeable feel smarter. They don’t just repeat or regurgitate genre cliches; instead, they build on — and question — their legacies.

Below are some of Edgar Wright’s best films to watch.

1. Hot Fuzz

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PC is a top London cop. Nicholas Angel is incredible. He is sent to the tranquil hamlet of Sandford to keep the rest of his team from appearing bad. He’s teamed with Danny Butterman, who constantly interrogates him about his action-packed lifestyle. Angel’s life appears to be tranquil until two actors are discovered decapitated. It’s labeled an accident, but Angel refuses to believe it, especially when more and more people are discovered dead. Angel and Danny clash with everyone as they try to figure out what’s going on with the apparent “accidents.”

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2. Shaun Of The Dead

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Shaun’s situation isn’t ideal. He shares an apartment with his best friend Ed (Nick Frost), ignores his girlfriend Liz, and despises his stepfather, Philip. Shaun vows to get his life back on track after Liz dumps him. Regrettably, this is the day on which the dead have chosen to resurrect. Shaun goes out to save people he loves and those he doesn’t, and heads to the Winchester, armed with a cricket bat and Ed by his side.

3. Last Night In Soho

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Eloise, a budding fashion designer, is unexpectedly transported to the 1960s, where she meets Sandie, a stunning want tobe singer. However, the glitz isn’t all it seems, as old dreams begin to crack and split into something far darker.

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4. Baby Driver

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Baby is a child fugitive from justice based in Atlanta, Georgia. His parents were murdered in a vehicle accident when he was a child, leaving him with tinnitus, which he masks by listening to music on his iPod. However, to pay off a debt he incurred after stealing one of Doc’s automobiles, he transports gangs of robbers led by a criminal genius named Doc. He makes remixes from fragments of conversations he records in between jobs and looks after his deaf foster father Joseph. Baby meets a young waitress called Debora while waiting for his next job; the two instantly bond over their shared love of music and fall in love.

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5. The Sparks Brothers

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Growing up in the 1960s, Los Angeles brothers Ron and Russell survived on a steady diet of popcorn matinees and pop music until the spotlight of school talent showcases cast a focus on their musical journey as Sparks, which resulted in 25 studio albums. Through animations and interviews, Edgar Wright’s vision brings five decades of creation to life, delving deep into the band’s rich, career-spanning archival.