Rebel Wilson has been a household celebrity since her infectious charm and endearing personality in Pitch Perfect, the highly successful trilogy, and has been in several blockbuster comedies afterwards. She’s back in the spotlight after Oscar-winning satire Jojo Rabbit, with Netflix’s Senior Year, in which she’ll play a 37-year-old woman who has recently awoken from a coma caused by a cheerleading accident. Here are some projects that are similar to Senior Year, as well as where you can view them, whether they’re fellow adolescent comedies or more traditional high-concept flicks.

1. Peggy Sue Got Married (1986)

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Director- Francis Ford Coppola

Peggy Sue Bodell, 43, gets marry to her high school sweetheart, Charlie Bodell, in an unsatisfactory marriage that includes infidelity and money problems. When she fell pregnant at the age of eighteen, they married. He still fantasises about his failed musical career. He seemed to hold her responsible for her failure, she believes. They’re about to split up. Peggy Sue gets transport twenty-five years back to her senior year of high school at a key period in her life. She’s initially worries about what’s happen to her, unsure if what she’s seeing is genuine or if she’s dead. Peggy Sue believes that, after the initial shocks of revisiting her adolescence, she can rewrite her history and make alternative decisions that will effect her future, which she hopes will be happier than the first time. She does, however, gain insight into why Charlie took the actions he did.

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2. 17 Again (2009)

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Director- Burr Steers

Mike O’Donnell, a Hayden High School basketball player in 1989, is the team’s star. He will be observe on the day of the championship game and could win a college scholarship. Mike does not participate in the game since his girlfriend Scarlet informs him that she is pregnant. Mike is a complete failure twenty years later, and he blames his shortcomings on Scarlet. After sixteen years at the same company, he is not promote to sales manager; Scarlet is divorcing him; his teen-aged son Alex and daughter Maggie despise him; and he is temporarily residing with his best buddy, eccentric and immature millionaire Ned Gold.

Mike pays a sentimental visit to Hayden, where he is conversed with by an elderly janitor on second chances in life. He witnesses the janitor jumping from a bridge into the river late at night and attempts unsuccessfully to help him. He then realises he is seventeen once more. Mike also learns that he has another chance to repair his ties with his family.

3. Easy A (2010)

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Director- Will Gluck

Olive Griffith, a dull ‘nice girl’ from an ultra-liberal model family, has a crush on the Woodchucks mascot Todd, but he has a big mouth. When a jealous misunderstanding spreads the story that she had meaningless sex, her life is turned upside down. She becomes famous, which she enjoys enough to play along with despite the principal’s warning. Boy virgins learn they can pay her for lady killer lies after her gay classmate Brandon discovers it and persuades her to lie about having wild sex at a party so he can stay in the closet.

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4. Mean Girls(2004)

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Director- Mark Waters

Cady Heron, who was raised in the African wilderness by her zoologist parents, believes she understands everything there is to know about “survival of the fittest.” When the home-schooled 16-year-old enrols in public high school for the first time, the law of the jungle takes on a whole new meaning. Cady crosses paths with the meanest species of all – the Queen Bee, aka Regina George, leader of the school’s most stylish clique, the Plastics – while attempting to find her place among jocks, mathletes, and other subcultures. Cady’s social future is jeopardised when she falls for Regina’s ex-boyfriend Aaron Samuels. Cady’s claws are quickly exposed as she enters a comedic “Girl World” war that has the entire school fleeing for shelter.

5. Overboard (1987)

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Director- Rob Greenberg

Joanna Stayton, a filthy rich, pompous, and annoyingly pampered heiress, engages Dean Proffitt, a poor local carpenter, to renovate her wonderful wardrobe now that her opulent yacht has docked in Elk Cove, Oregon, for repairs. Nothing is ever good enough for the obnoxious socialite, and she kicks him overboard in a fit of wrath, only to get a taste of her own medicine later that night. As a result, with Emma amnesiac and defenceless in the community’s hospital, Dean sees an opportunity to avenge himself—and, in one of those spur-of-the-moment decisions, chooses to identify her as Annie, his long-lost wife and mother of his four sons. For the first time in his life, he’s having a blast watching her struggle to babysit “their” wild lads and clean up the run-down love-nest.

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6. I Feel Pretty (2018)

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Director- Marc Silverstein, Abby Kohn

Renee Bennett is a young woman who has low self-esteem and is self-conscious about her appearance. She manages the internet for cosmetics brand Lily LeClaire alongside coworker Mason out of a Chinatown basement office, while dreaming to work in their Fifth Avenue headquarters. When a receptionist position opens up at HQ, she declines to apply after reading the job description, which emphasises being LeClaire’s “face.” Renee makes a wish to be beautiful near a fountain one night, inspired by the film Big, but nothing occurs. Renee loses consciousness after falling off her SoulCycle cycle during a fitness class the next day. She hasn’t altered physically when she wakes up, but she thinks she’s stunning.

7. Clueless (1995)

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Director- Amy Heckerling

Cher is wealthy, attractive, blonde, and well-known, and she can persuade anyone to do just about anything. When Sarah and her friend Dion are unable to persuade a teacher to give her a better grade, they pair him with another instructor to make him happier… and perhaps a little more lenient on his demands. Cher and Dion give a girl named Tai a makeover and try to find her a boyfriend when she transfers to Cher’s school. Cher quickly realises that she needs a boyfriend of her own, but no one appears to fit the bill. Before she meets the boy of her dreams, she has a spiritual transformation and discovers that life is about more than clothes and popularity.