Have you ever had a mood and only a specific kind of film can relieve it? Today, we are completely dependent on films. Hanging out with friends? Go for a movie. Going on a date? Go for a movie. Wanna do a family outing? The movie is the place. Especially, in the last two years of quarantine and lockdown, movies worked as stress-buster in these times. It is very difficult to find a good film according to the mood. We have a solution.

Here’s are some films to watch in different moods.

When you want to laugh
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Aladeen, Baron-Cohen, is The Dictator in the fictional African nation of the Republic of Wadiya, a cross between Gadhafi and King Jon II. The wrathful egoistic man with his ridiculous beard orders everyone around. If anyone complains about anything or dares to go against his decisions, consequently, Aladeen has his guards drag off the person to be beheaded.

The film is a satirical Movie of comedy that can lift your mood up.

When you are heartbroken
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Set in beautiful northern Italy, Call Me By Your Name portrays the heartbreak of a 17-year-old teenage boy, Elio. Momentarily, the boy falls in love with a 24-year-old graduate, Oliver. Elios spends the summer discovering himself through Oliver which initially results in the crushing of his heart at a young age.

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When you want to lift up your spirit
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Written with visible autistic traits, Forrest Gump shows the slow-witted Forrest Gump. Forrest recounts the story of his life, how he was raised by his single mother, who never considered him as a little disadvantaged. Gump tells about his success in life, love of his life, Jenny. The film is an encouragement for the people to express the fool inside them.

When you are experiencing existentialsim
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Portraying wittiness and depression simultaneously, American Beauty is a story of a privileged white guy, Lester Burnham. Lester is going through his mid-life crisis and looking for a new experience in his life. As a result of the experiments of his new senses, Lester’s family also goes through new changes in theirs lives. The film throws light on alienation, mental imprisonment people face at a certain age.

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