1. Touch Of Evil (1958)

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Director- Orson Welles

As it crosses the Mexican border into the United States, a car gets blown up. Because a Mexican national has been accused of the crime, Mike Vargas, a high-ranking Mexican narcotics official on his honeymoon with his fiancée, Susie, is drawn into the inquiry. Hank Quinlan’s physical and figurative presence as the 330-pound sheriff looms large. Quinlan is a zealot when it comes to getting “justice,” even if it means planting evidence. Quinlan’s law-and-order reputation allows him to break the law without repercussions until Vargas confronts him. From there, it’s a war of wits between the two that builds to a climax at a breakneck speed.

2. The Seventh Seal (1957)

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Director- Ingmar Bergman

When Swedish knight Antonius Block and his squire Jöns return home from the Crusades. They discover the area has been decimated by the plague. Block discovers that people all throughout the world are terrified. Hence, believing that it is God’s retribution and that the end is near. When Death comes for Block, the knight challenges him to a game of chess. Block has lost his faith and is looking for answers. So when Death comes for him, the knight dares him to a game of chess. The countryside is desolate, and many people look for solutions, but none appear to be forthcoming. Block arrives at his house and believes he has the upper hand, but Death has other plans.

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3. The Third Man (1949)

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Director- Carol Reed

Holly Martins, an unemployed pulp fiction novelist, arrives in a postwar Vienna divided into sectors by the victorious allies. It is characterized by a thriving black market due to a lack of supplies. He arrives at the request of an ex-school friend, Harry Lime, who has promised him a job, only to learn that Lime perished in a strange traffic accident not long ago. Martins quickly notices that several of Lime’s stories are contradictory after speaking with his friends and associates, and he sets out to find out what really happened to him.

4. 12 Angry Men (1957)

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Director- Sidney Lumet

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The defense and prosecution have finished their arguments. Now, the jury is preparing to decide whether a young man is guilty or innocent of murdering his father. What starts off as a simple murder case quickly turns into a detective story with a series of clues that raise skepticism. As well as a mini-drama about the jurors’ prejudices and preconceptions regarding the trial, the accused, and each other. The action of the play takes place entirely on the stage of the jury room.

5. The Ox-Bow Incident (1942)

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Director- William A. Wellman

1885 in Nevada. Gil Carter and Art Croft arrive in a tiny town to discover that a cherished community member has been murdered and his livestock has been taken. Townsfolk desiring vengeance soon create a posse, aided by Deputy Sherriff, and set out to apprehend those guilty. Some possible suspects have been located, according to sources. Cooler heads advise against acting hastily and strongly advocate that the suspected offenders are apprehended and justice be served properly. The townspeople, on the other hand, are hell-bent on lynching the culprits.

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6. Seven Samurai (1954)

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Director- Akira Kurosowa

A band of well-armed bandits attacks a village on a regular basis. They seek the advice of an elder one day after an attack, who informs them that while they cannot buy weapons, they can locate men with weapons, samurai, who will fight for them if they find samurai who are down on their luck and unsure where their next meal will come from. They come into an experienced samurai with a nice heart who agrees to help them recruit their party. He chooses five true samurai and one suspect, but the seven return to the town to guard it against the forty or so robbers.