Sex Education Season 3 might be the most awaited series of the year. Sex Education has stolen the hearts of so many fans around the world. Netflix Sex Education is very close to my heart. The emotional drive and character development in this show is something else entirely. The first season is really funny and witty and the second season is an emotional overdrive. You will cry as much as you will laugh. It’s a perfect balance of the show as everything should be. Even the casting is absolutely perfect. In my opinion, it is one of the perfectly written series all around. The mixture of comedy with serious elements makes the perfect balance that is very rare in recent shows.

Sex Education Season 3

Sex Education Season 3

So, now that the third season of Netflix Sex Education is right around the corner, fans are excited about it. There will be new storylines, new love stories, and more importantly, Otis and Maeve are going to solve more problems for teenagers. They will solve the problems of teenagers together, right? If they break apart one more time I am really going to cry my eyes out and no one can stop me. Now, without wasting much time, let’s take a look at everything we need to know about Sex Education Season 3.

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Netflix Sex Education Season 3 Plot

The story of the third season will continue right from where the second season ended. At the end of the second season, we saw Isaac deleting the voice message Otis sent to Maeve in which he confessed his feelings for her. And the third season will continue right from that spot. Now that Maeve doesn’t know that Otis has confessed his feelings for her. And Otis thinks that Maeve knows about it. And above that Isaac is there to keep Maeve in doubt and he will make a move. There will be more sub-plots in the story too. And everything seems exciting and worth watching.

New Characters

All the main characters from the first two seasons will return for the third season as well. But there will be new characters as well. Hope Haddon will be the new headmistress of Moordale. She will replace Headmaster Michael Groff after he was put on administrative leave at the end of season 2. We might see a story arc on him too. And it was time for Groff to leave as he was making student’s life miserable. Another new character that will be introduced is Peter Groff. He is Michael Groff’s older brother. He is arrogant and far more successful than Michael. Cal will be another character that will be introduced. She will be a student in Moordale High Only. Anna is the final new character in the show. She will be the foster mother of Maeve’s sister Elsie.

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Why The Grey Uniform?

Netflix just released few pictures of the upcoming season of Sex Education and it raised lots of questions. First of all, we saw Maeve in a new hairstyle and she is still stunning as always. And second thing was that every student was wearing a common uniform. And this is related to the new headmistress. She is here to make students more disciplined and trackback Moordale to its forgotten heughts. So, if you thought Graff was a strict headmaster. Headmistress Hope is going to turn it upside down completely.

Will Margot Robbie appear in Season 3?

Netflix released a photo of Emma Mackey(Maeve) alongside Margot Robbie earlier this year. Indicating that Margot will appear in the third season of Sex Education. But after that, it all went quiet and we haven’t heard about it. So, whether Margot will appear in Sex Education season 3 or not, is still in doubt. But if that happens, it surely will break the internet.

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Sex Education Season 3 Release Date

The third season of the show is all set to release on September 17, 2021. And just like the previous seasons, it will consist of eight episodes. All episodes will be available for streaming on the same day itself. So, it is perfect for binge-watching if you ask me, as every episode will be around 40 minutes long.

Sex Education Season 3: Where To Watch?

You can watch the third season of Sex Education on Netflix exclusively. There will be no regional boundaries so you can enjoy the show from anywhere in the world.