Joey King has more than her fair share of appearances in horror films. Even though the young performer is currently transitioning into the world of fantasy action with Hulu’s The Princess. Horror movies are notoriously quick, inexpensive, and successful to create, making them a jackpot for aspiring young actors. Joey King’s modest part in the 2008 horror adaptation Quarantine gave her one of her very first feature film acting credits. However, a few of Joey King’s horror films have received incredibly negative reviews. The worst to greatest horror films by Joey King are listed below.

1. The Conjuring (2013)

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Director- James Wan

Roger Perron, a family man, relocates with his wife Carolyn and his children Andrea, Nancy, Christine, Cindy, and April to an ancient farmhouse in Rhode Island in 1971. The family discovers a concealed cellar with a plank-locked door. Soon after Carolyn meets the renowned ghost hunters Ed and Lorraine Warren, they begin to experience noises and ghosts. Lorraine and Ed believe that the house has got haunt when they visit it. To assist them in gathering proof to persuade the Church that an exorcism is require to protect The Perron family from evil. Therefore, Lorraine and Ed enlist the aid of his pals Drew and Brad.

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2. The Lie (2018)

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Director- Veena Sud

On their way to dance camp, a father and daughter in this drama spot the girl’s best friend by the side of the road. They offer the friend a ride when they stop, but their good intentions quickly turn into catastrophic outcomes. The family swiftly resolves to remain silent and tightens its ranks. Secrets don’t stay secret for very long, though, and soon they get force to make a difficult decision that will change the direction of their lives for good.

3. Quarantine (2008)

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Director-  John Erick Dowdle

A Los Angeles fire squad is ask to work the night shift with a television reporter and her cameraman. They arrive at a small apartment complex thanks to a normal 911 call, where they discover police officers have already arrived in response to horrifying screams coming from one of the flats. They quickly discover that a resident of the building, a woman, has contracted an unidentified infection. After a handful of the occupants gets brutally attack, they attempt to leave the building with the TV crew but discover that it has got quarantine. The news crew’s videotape is the only record of what happen when all communication gets cut off.

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4. Slender Man (2018)

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Director- Sylvain White

Four friends—Wren, Hallie, Chloe, and Katie—in a small Massachusetts town summon the Slender Man. The other three girls visit Katie’s home to look for answers after she vanishes a week later. The three learn that Katie was interest in the occult and desire to be taken by the Slender Man. To get Katie back in return for something else, the three girls resolve to get in touch with the Slender Man. Hallie and Chloe are making touch with the Slender Man when Wren, who has studied Slender Man legend, cautions them not to open their eyes for fear of dying or going insane. When Chloe opens her eyes in a fright, she sees the Slender Man standing before her. Later, Chloe is driven insane when the Slender Man breaks into her home.

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5. Wish Upon (2017)

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Director-  John R. Leonetti

A vintage music box that claims to grant the user seven wishes is given to Clare Shannon, age 17, by Jonathan Shannon. At first dubious, Clare is eventually won over by its sinister charms as her life dramatically gets better with each wish. Everything appears ideal until she finds that every wish she makes results in the brutal and elaborate deaths of those who are closest to her.