Winona Ryder first gained notoriety in the 1980s as the brooding goth in Tim Burton’s enduring Beetlejuice, and her star power has since risen. This actor can portray a wide spectrum of characters, from a violent teen to a literary heroine. Ryder is undoubtedly enjoying her time in the spotlight after recently making waves in the TV industry in her role as single mother Joyce Byers in Stranger Things. However, while we wait for the highly anticipated Season 4 of Stranger Things, let’s take a look at some of Winona’s most memorable roles from the past.

1. Beetlejuice (1988)

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Director- Tim Burton

Unfortunately, a freak event has caused Adam and Barbara Maitlands, who were otherwise very happy, to pass away. After spending some time trapped in an odd limbo, the ghostly couple escapes and returns to the living world, only to find Charles and Delia Deetz, two obnoxious New York yuppies, living in their tastefully furnished New England house. Sharing their cherished home with the annoying intruders is obviously out of the question, but the Maitlands’ haunting abilities are, to put it mildly, pitiful. Only the insane, experienced exorcist with rotten teeth, Beetlejuice, can get rid of the uninvited visitors under these dire conditions.

2. Heathers (1988)

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Director- Michael Lehmann

The most popular but dreaded clique at Westerburg High School is Heather Chandler’s gang, which is made up of three wealthy, attractive, and snooty girls with the same first name. Veronica Sawyer, who despises herself for spending time with the three socially cruel Heathers, teams up with the seductive and mysterious newcomer, Jason Dean, in an effort to assuage her conscience and teach the gorgeous tyrants a lesson. Their plan is foolproof, and initially everything is amusing until someone unintentionally dies. But at this point, there is no going back.

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3. Mermaids (1990)

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Director- Richard Benjamin

Charlotte Flax, 15, is fed up with her eccentric mother always relocating their family to a new location. Charlotte and her sister Kate, age 9, hope that they may finally settle down when they move to a tiny Massachusetts town and Mrs. Flax starts dating a shopkeeper. The family, however, must learn to accept one another for who they really are when Charlotte’s desire to an older guy gets in the way.

4. Edward Scissorhands (1990)

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Director- Tim Burton

A good inventor is almost done putting his most significant innovation together when fate prevents him from finishing it. With scissors for hands, Edward may appear threatening, but when a sympathetic Avon lady calls, it’s obvious that things are going to change for him after spending so much time alone in the big empty home. What neither of them realises is that the people who live in the tranquil suburb he will call home, as well as a young adolescent girl who will have her eyes opened, will undergo the most significant changes of all.

5. Reality Bites (1994)

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Director- Ben Stiller

Lelaina Pierce, the valedictorian of her undergraduate class, records her classmates in a spoof documentary on life after graduation as part of this study of Generation X manners. Her closest friend is the musical slacker and permanently unemployed Troy Dyer. Manager at the Gap Vickie Miner is troubled by the findings of an A.I.D.S. test, while Sammy Gray struggles with his sexuality. Lelaina must choose between Troy’s philosophical musings and the yuppie materialism of Michael Grates when she first meets the sincere video executive Michael Grates who accepts her home-made video for airing on his MTV-like station.

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6. Little Women (1994)

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Director- Gillian Armstrong

At home with their mother are four sisters. Their father is a combatant in the conflict. For years, young ladies and the young at heart have been captivated by Louisa May Alcott’s semi-autobiographical book. They are treated to a nice meal by their neighbour James Laurence on Christmas Eve. At a dance, Jo runs into the grandfather’s grandson. His friends include Jo, Amy, Beth, and Meg. Take part in the love, hope, surprise, excitement, and emotions of one of my favourite movies, Little Women. The books Little Men and Jo’s Boys, as well as their development.

7. Girl, Interrupted (1999)

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Director- James Mangold

Susanna Kaysen is unhappy and aimless in 1967 after graduating from high school. She talks about this with a psychiatrist later on. Delusions had been plaguing her. Additionally, she had a relationship with the husband of the friend of her parents. According to the doctor, combining a bottle of aspirin and a bottle of alcohol was an attempt at suicide. She disputes this. He suggests stopping at Claymoore for a brief time of recuperation. There are a lot of loud, insane people at the private mental hospital Claymoore. Susanna’s roommate Georgina Tuskin is a pathological liar.

Fire has left significant burn scars on Polly Clark. Daisy Randone self-harms and refuses to eat in front of others. Sociopath Lisa Rowe is the main source of annoyance for the staff, namely Nurse Valerie Owens, and the biggest effect on the other hospital patients. Tobias Jacobs, Susanna’s boyfriend, is worried that Lisa appears too at ease living with her hospitalised pals. Lisa has a history of escapes, so getting access to private medical records is not an issue.

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8. Black Swan (2010)

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Director- Darren Aronofsky

Nina Sayers is a beautiful, frail, and dedicated ballerina who has worked for years at a prestigious New York City ballet company. She is consumed by an uncontrollable need for perfection that is eating away at her. In his daring reinterpretation of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky’s timeless love story, The Swan Lake, the autocratic artistic director Thomas Leroy chooses to give Nina the leading role of the Swan Queen, a demanding dual role comprised of two contrasting characters: the White and the Black Swan. This decision was made after forcing his former protégé, Beth MacIntyre, into an early retirement.

As Nina tries to delve deeper and deeper into her well-kept dark side, she finds herself increasingly caught up in a world of constant rivalry, unrestrained jealousy, and horrifying hallucinations in the face of tremendous competition from the new corps-de-ballet dancer, Lily. The fervent Black Swan demands enlightenment.

9. Stranger Things (TV Series, 2016-Present)

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Created By- The Duffer Brothers

Season- 4, Episodes- 34

In a little town where everyone knows each other, a strange occurrence sets off a series of incidents that result in a child being missing and start to rip apart the otherwise calm society. Dark government agencies and supernatural entities that appear to be evil descend on the village, and some inhabitants start to realise that something is not quite as it seems.