Slasher movies are really an acquired genre of movies. You got a basic storyline where you know everyone is going to die. Some hot characters living the best life. Dense and loud background score that will scare you. Typical jump scares that will send shivers down your spine and some unforgettable psychotic characters that will ruin your sleep. Here are the ten most Essential Slasher Movies that have changed the ways horror works significantly. 


Essential Slasher Movies
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Release Year – 1960

You can only make a list of Essential Slasher Movies by mentioning the movie that might start it all. We all know the genius of Alfred Hitchcock. But no one expected this kind of movie at that time. 

Even the critics did not know what to make of this movie and just labeled it as an Indie. But now we all know it was the start of something gruesome with loud music in the background, and we all will love it. 

Black Christmas

Essential Slasher Movies
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Release Year- 1974

Black Christmas is one of the scariest movies I have ever watched. You can start it from anywhere, and it will scare you. This was one of the earliest Slasher movies, which might be the most essential. 

Because it gave us all the tropes, we see nowadays in every slasher movie. From an unsettling premise to a deadly serial killer whose name will send a shiver down your spine. Truly a masterpiece. 

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Release Year – 1978 – 2022

Let’s start a series of some of the most iconic characters of Slasher movies. The first one on the list is Micheal from the Halloween franchise. Micheal is a true menace to society and absolute horror to everyone.

The first movie of the franchise shifted horror movies from loud suburban movies to middle and low-class loud movies, and it was brilliant. It might not go in your best slasher movie list, but it is surely one of the essential Slasher Movies.

Friday The 13th

Essential Slasher Movies
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Release Year – 1980 – 2019

Yes, I know; Friday The 13th as a movie franchise is really bad. And as the year progressed, the quality of the movies only degraded. But there is a very big reason for this franchise to be in the Essential Slasher Movies list. 

And the reason is the main character in the movie ‘Jason.’ Jason might be the most badass killer on the loose ever. And is essential to the history of Slasher Films. There have been 12 Friday The 13th movies, and the only thing common in all these movies is the monster killer on the loose. 

A Nightmare On Elm Street

Release Year – 1984 -2010

Another Slasher genre franchise and another very essential character that will send shivers down your spine. These franchises might not seem that deadly to you now, but they were a significant part of pop culture during that time. 

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Freddy basically defined a generation of horror-loving fans alongside Jason. And the proof was in the 2003 released movie Freddy Vs. Jason and how popular it was when it came out. The thought of Freddy in your nightmares might still make many kids sleep-deprived. 

Child’s Play

Essential Slasher Movies
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Release Year – 1988 – 2019

Well, we are talking about iconic characters in Slasher movies then we have to involve Chucky to play. We are obliged to do that. No one wants a killer doll in your bedroom while you are sleeping.

There are a total of 8 movies in this franchise, and the first three are masterpieces in their rights. Chucky does not get the love of other iconic characters, and it is due time that we change that. 


Release Year – 1996 –

We wanted to make it a list of movies, but these franchises really changed slasher movies as a whole, and we can only mention one by mentioning the others. Now coming back to the topic.

The first three parts of Scream are absolute madness. The second part is still the best, and no one can top that. And we can’t mention iconic characters and ignore Ghostface now.

American Psycho

Release Year – 2000

Let’s make one thing completely clear. American Psycho might come in the Slasher genre, but it is not a horror movie. Instead, it is a comedy. You might think I am joking, but the whole movie is a satire on the super-wealthy society.

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Fun fact about American Psycho, Christian Bale based Patrick Bateman off Tom Cruise. Who knew one of the most iconic toxic characters is based on one of the sweethearts of so many generations? 

Saw II

Release Year – 2005

There is a reason I should mention only some Saw movies or the whole franchise. It is because Jigsaw was revealed in the second part. The first part revealed what he can do and had all our jaws on the floor.

Saw II let us explore his plans and told us how elaborate he was with even the minute details, and it blew my mind away. You should watch the whole franchise, but Saw II  stands out the most as a solo movie. 

Happy Death Day

Release Year – 2017 – 2019

Essential Slasher Movies
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There are two movies in the series, and I don’t know which one is better. While the first one is your typical essential slasher movies where everything is done right. You will like the movie to the fullest. 

The second part is somehow emotional and will make you feel things. I had no idea horror movies are supposed to make us feel like this. The scene where Tree sees her mother again really made me in tears.


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