In the last 30 years, Patricia Clarkson has been a constant presence in film and television, showing up in everything from Law & Order to the Maze Runner films. Patricia Clarkson is one of the best character actresses working today. It’s impossible to confuse her for anyone else despite the fact that she has distinctive features and a husky voice. Here are a few of her best performances throughout the years.

1. Claire French in Frasier (1999-2000)

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Created By- David Angell, Peter Casey, David Lee

When Frasier’s policeman father Martin Crane is injured in the hip while on duty, he returns to Seattle after spending many years working at the “Cheers” bar. Following the incident, when Martin finds it difficult to live alone, he transfers his dog Eddie and into Frasier’s opulent penthouse in the Elliot Bay Towers. Daphne Moon, a physiotherapist Frasier has hired, relocates to the house and begins treating Martin. His younger brother Niles Crane, a psychiatric colleague, also resides nearby.

2. Sarah O’Connor in Six Feet Under (2002-2005)

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Created by- Alan Ball

David and Claire Fisher, along with their parents Ruth and Nathaniel Fisher, own a local funeral home that provides the greatest service available. Nate Jr., a prodigal son, must remain when his father David is willed to attend the funeral ceremony with him since he returns home for Christmas at the exact same time that his father is killed by a bus.

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3. Greta in High Art (1998)

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Director- Lisa Cholodenko

The amazing but mysterious photographer Lucy Berliner happens to live above Syd’s apartment, who just got a new job as an assistant editor at Frame magazine. As soon as the two of them get to know one another, Syd learns about Lucy’s previous projects and her group of flagging, drug-addicted acquaintances. Syd urges Lucy to take fresh photos for her magazine because she sees a clear career chance. At the same time, they start to get very attracted to one another. Both Syd and Lucy are made to reflect on their own lives and relationships as the picture assignment progresses.

4. Joy Burns in Pieces of April (2003)

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Director- Peter Hedges

April Burns and Bobby are getting ready to host April’s family for Thanksgiving dinner when they find themselves in a very underprivileged area of New York. April discovers that her stove is damaged while Bobby wants to borrow a suit for himself. Since she does not want to fail her family once more, she searches hard for a neighbour who will allow her prepare the turkey. Her dysfunctional family is getting ready to leave for New York while she is in a Pennsylvania suburb. While driving, April’s father Jim, her resentful mother Joy, her siblings, her grandmother, and others engage in dialogues that reveal the family’s bond with their black sheep April.

5. Rosemary Penderghast in Easy A (2010)

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Director- Will Gluck

Olive Penderghast, a smart student and seventeen-year-old nobody who lives on the periphery of Ojai North High School’s social circles, decides to tell her best friend Rhiannon a white lie about having an incredible one-night encounter. And with that, Olive’s spotless image falls to ashes as one innocent little fabrication spirals out of control, making the once-invisible and mousy girl the school’s most infamous figure. Being popular suddenly seems like a less important aim as the tantalising information spreads by word of mouth.

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6. Olivia Harris in The Station Agent (2003)

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Director- Tom McCarthy

Finbar McBride, a lone dwarf who lives in silence, is passionate about trains. When Fin’s partner, Henry Styles, dies, Henry is also a rail enthusiast, and Fin inherits some land with an old depot in the middle of nowhere in Newfoundland, New Jersey. He goes to the train station and finds Joe Oramas, a Cuban who is running his father’s hot dog trailer while he is ill. A clumsy divorcee named Olivia Harris who is mourning the loss of her adored son Sam is another person he encounters. The odd three eventually bonds with one another after a few days.

7. Adora Crellin in Sharp Objects (TV Mini Series, 2018)

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Created By- Marti Noxon

Reporter Camille Preaker, who recently returned from a brief term at a mental hospital, has a difficult job ahead of her: she must go back to her small community to chronicle the killings of two teenage girls. Years have passed since Camille last spoke to her neurotic, hypochondriac mother or her half-sister, a stunning 13-year-old with an unsettling hold on the town. Now that Camille is living in her old bedroom in her family’s Victorian mansion, she discovers herself associating too closely with the young Victorians. She must solve the psychological riddle of her own past to receive the tale and endure this homecoming because she is tormented by her own demons.

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8. Tammy One in Parks and Recreation (2009-2015)

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Created By- Greg Daniels, Michael Schur

Leslie Knope, a middle-ranking official in an Indiana Parks and Recreation Department, wants to improve the appearance of her community by assisting neighbourhood nurse Ann Perkins in converting an abandoned construction site into a public park. However, oafish bureaucrats, selfish neighbours, governmental red tape, and a plethora of other obstacles constantly thwart what ought to be a rather straightforward undertaking. Leslie’s coworker Tom Haverford, who enjoys using his position for personal advantage, is more likely to thwart her attempts than to assist her, and although though he works for the government, her boss Ron Swanson is vehemently opposed to all forms of government.

9. April in The Party (2017)

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Director- Sally Porter

Janet, a newly appointed British opposition politician, is hosting a party for friends at her London apartment. In order to celebrate her long-awaited appointment to the prestigious position of Shadow Minister for Health. It will ideally serve as a stepping stone to party leadership. Of course, in this exclusive and small gathering, in addition to Bill, Janet’s self-denying academic spouse, the elegant hostess has also invited a motley gang of eminent, hand-picked guests. The group consists of Tom, the slick banker in the sharp suit, April, the bitterly sarcastic American best friend. Also, Gottfried, the unlikely German husband, Jinny, and Martha. Before dinner is served, though, the pleasant atmosphere will unavoidably disintegrate as festering secrets begin to come to light. Hence, turning the otherwise happy celebration into the ideal home war zone. The world will undoubtedly never be the same again after this evening.