Miles Teller’s acting versatility has already been more than demonstrated in his short acting career, which has seen roles as diverse as the lead in romantic comedies and the soul of an obsessed musician. It’s not always successful to update a great film from decades ago with a cast that is largely made up of new actors. However, if the movie is Top Gun: Maverick and Miles Teller is in it, it does. Teller has displayed a versatility rarely seen in performers his age since making his big-screen debut in the 2010 movie Rabbit Hole. He hasn’t sadly received a nomination for an Academy Award yet. Below is our ranking of the top seven Miles Teller films.

1. Whiplash (2014)

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Director- Damien Chazelle

Jazz drummer Andrew Neiman, 19, is commit to succeeding in the nation’s most prestigious music conservatory. Andrew is driven to become a great writer day and night by the failure of his father’s literary career. Terence Fletcher, a professor renowned for both his skill as a teacher and his terrible teaching techniques, is the director of the finest jazz group at the university. Andrew’s life gets fundamentally alter when Fletcher meets him and invites the budding drummer to join his band. As his brutal teacher pushes Andrew to the limit of both his capacity and his sanity, his quest for attaining perfection swiftly turns into an addiction.

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2. War Dogs (2016)

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Director- Tod Phillips

When his devoted girlfriend, Iz, makes a significant announcement, twenty-something David Packouz, who is working as a massage therapist in sunny Miami Beach in 2005, finds himself facing a financial crisis and facing the wall. When Efraim Diveroli, a brazen international arms dealer and David’s long-lost high school friend, enters the picture as the United States gets engage in combat in both Iraq and Afghanistan, David instantly becomes one-half of Efraim’s successful business dealing in weapons. The duo’s immoral mentality is now increasingly paying off and helping to make their sketchy company well-known; nonetheless, blunders do occur in this risky line of work. Additionally, the $300 million contract with the American government may be problematic for all parties.

3. The Spectacular Now (2013)

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Director- James Ponsoldt

Sutter Keely is present-focused. For him, it’s a good location. He’s a charming, self-assured high school senior who enjoys his job at a men’s clothes store, is the life of the party, and has no plans for the future. He is constantly near his enormous, whiskey-fortified thirst-master cup since he is a developing alcoholic. However, after his fiancée left him, Sutter falls wasted and awakens on a lawn with Aimee Finecky watching over him. She’s unique—the “good girl” who enjoys science fiction and is unattached. They are drawn together despite the fact that Sutter believes in a fantastic now while Aimee dreams of the future.

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4. Bleed For This (2016)

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Director- Ben Younger

Vinny Pazienza challenges Roger Mayweather in November 1988 for the WBC World Light Welterweight Title. He’s been riding a stationary bike to stay under the weight limit, so he gets to the weigh-in late. Vinny can participate in the bout because his final weight is 140 pounds exactly. Vinny spends the night at a casino instead of getting ready for the fight. He is defeated by Mayweather the next day. Vinny receives a blow after the bell at one point in the fight. Lou Duva, his boxing manager, provokes a fight by attacking Mayweather, but ends up getting punched. Duva advises Vinny to give up boxing to the media after the fight. Coach Angelo, the father of Vinny, is upset by this and confronts Duva. Vinny says he wants another fight during the subsequent confrontation and hires Kevin Rooney to be his trainer.

5. Only The Brave (2017)

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Director- Joseph Kosinski

Eric Marsh, the dedicated supervisor, pushes his squad to their limits despite knowing that his highly skilled Type-2 municipal fire-fighting team won’t be on the front lines if a fire threatens their community. Marsh’s fraternity of hardworking young men transforms into the elite Granite Mountain Hotshots, a Type-1 unit of firefighters serving the city of Prescott, Arizona, with the help of Division Chief Duane Steinbrink, tenacity, and self-sacrifice. Soon after, a dry lightning strike starts a fairly manageable wildfire near Yarnell, Arizona. However, Eric is well aware that all fires are unpredictable, and the guys are eager to demonstrate their mettle at this point. In order to save the lives and homes that are in danger from the raging inferno, a brave group of 19 selfless men run into its mouth. However, they soon discover themselves imprisoned inside the Yarnell Hill Fire’s infernal core.

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6. Footloose (2011)

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Director- Craig Brewer

Former gymnast Ren McCormack, a youngster from Boston who lives in the large city, moves to the little rural hamlet three painful years after the catastrophe that stunned the locals of Bomont, Georgia, only to experience a hearty dose of culture shock. After a horrific tragedy, Ren struggles to get back on his feet and avoid trouble while taking an instant liking to the attractive Ariel Moore, the daughter of the local fire-and-brimstone preacher. However, trying to fit in in a little town where the residents have outlawed Rock ‘n’ Roll and dancing is more difficult said than done. Ren must now combat prejudice from within and plan the ideal teen uprising in order to persuade the city council to overturn the prohibition on dancing.

7. The Divergent Series (2014-2016)

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Director(s)- Neil Burger, Robert Schwentke

Miles Teller portrays Peter Hayes, one of the show’s main antagonists. Initially cruel and irritable, Hayes develops into a somewhat likeable figure. Hayes decides to attempt and rebuild himself from the ground up after becoming aware of his more toxic qualities. After saving each other’s life, Tris comes to like Hayes, and the two grow close. Teller makes every second of his onscreen time count, even though the Divergent series’ overarching plot rightfully places greater emphasis on the struggles of the heroes.