Jeremy Strong is one of the most gifted and significant performers of the last ten years who has just recently begun to receive the larger roles for which he is justly renowned. After leaving the stage, Strong transitioned to the screen and landed a number of small supporting or guest star roles in shows including Lincoln and Masters of Sex. Following that, Strong appeared in several movies, such as the most recent Armageddon Time, which was shown at the Cannes Film Festival and received a seven-minute standing ovation. With his most recent accomplishment, making TIME Magazine’s list of the “100 Most Influential People” for this year. Here are a few of his more impressive performances.

1. Humboldt County (2008)

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Director(s)- Darren Grodsky, Danny Jacobs

Peter is exhausted after completing medical school at UCLA. He is failing the bedside manners course his father teaches, and going days without sleeping. He spends the night with Bogart, a new acquaintance, and the next morning, he sleepily enters her automobile. Peter awakens in Arcata, where Max, his daughter, mother, and stepfather dwell in the woods as Bogart’s foster family. Except for Max, who planted six covert patches for one huge score, everyone grows marijuana for personal use. Bogart despises growing marijuana. Since the feds are constantly on patrol, she splits up. Hence, leaving Peter to rely on Max for a ride to the bus. Peter puts off leaving as a day turns into two. A confrontation with his father is unavoidable.

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2. The Judge (2014)

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Director- David Dobkin

Hank Palmer is a bright, self-assured, and dishonest defence lawyer. He must travel back to Carlinville, Indiana, for his mother’s funeral despite having vowed never to do so. Hank is forced into the most personal case of his whole career. When the magistrate becomes embroiled in a complex hit-and-run car accident. Forced to face his two brothers and, above all, Joseph—his cantankerous father and the little town’s venerable judge. Now, Hank finds himself sucked into the case. To solve this complex puzzle, the father and son must now try to put their differences aside and work together.

3. The Big Short (2015)

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Director- Adam McKay

In 2008, a diverse group of risk-takers who were astute and skilled investors. They managed to make enormous profits only by betting against the housing market. As they were able to detect subtle warning indications of an impending financial disaster in the mortgage-backed real estate industry. Who could have forecast that a real estate bubble of this size was ready to burst. More importantly, what could be the terrible effects in a collapsing economy that rendered nearly millions of people jobless and homeless?

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4. Molly’s Game (2017)

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Director- Aaron Sorkin

Molly Bloom is a former competitive skier who suffered a terrible injury that cost her a promising athletic career and a long-coveted Olympic medal. She decides to start over in sunny Los Angeles rather than enrol in law school. Once there, though, Molly will quickly discover the surest path to success and the closest thing to a career. That is managing a high-stakes poker game business for wealthy celebrities, successful businesses, and the elite. The gambling empire of a formidable poker hostess is instantly established. However, there is always a thin line between success and failure. A desperate Molly will now need to appeal for pity. But with her only hope resting in the experienced hands of the sceptical New York attorney Charlie Jaffey.

5. Succession (2018- Present )

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Created By- Jesse Armstrong

Jesse Armstrong is the creator of the American satirical comedy-drama television series Succession. The show debuted on HBO on June 3, 2018. The fictional Roy Family, who are vying for control of their global media empire. While Logan Roy, the patriarch of the family, is ill, is the subject of the television series. The HBO series, which is a modern Shakespearean tale of power amid family and business politics. It has a huge fan base, which may be attributed to its likeable. But morally reprehensible characters and special blend of comedy and drama.

6. The Gentleman (2019)

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Director- Guy Ritchie

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Utilizing the estates of destitute British nobles, a gifted American Oxford graduate with chutzpah builds a marijuana empire. However, a series of events including extortion, deceit, mayhem, and murder amongst street thugs. Russian oligarchs, Triad gangsters, and gutter journalists take place when he attempts to sell his company to a fellow American billionaire.

7. The Trial Of Chicago 7 (2020)

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Director- Aaron Sorkin

After the violent confrontations between unarmed protesters and heavily armed police officers in Lincoln Park before. After the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago. Attorney General John Mitchell names Richard Schultz and Tom Foran as his prosecutors to charge eight men with inciting violence. Eight suspect ringleaders were charge with conspiring to incite a riot and supporting one in 1969. During the administration of Richard Nixon. Tom Hayden and Rennie Davis, two vivacious and witty Students for a Democratic Society activists, made up the Conspiracy Eight. Yippies Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin, who led the Youth International Party, David Dellinger, a radical pacifist. The conscientious objector, John Froines, a teaching assistant named Lee Weiner, and Bobby Seale, a co-founder of the Black Panther Party. His case was ultimately ruled a mistrial.

William Kunstler and Leonard Weinglass, who believed the accusations were politically motivated. They were the defendants’ legal counsels, with the exception of Bobby Seale. Ramsey Clark, a liberal former US attorney general. He was denied the opportunity to testify in front of the jury by the prejudiced judge Julius Hoffman.