Ivan Reitman was definitely one of the best comedic directors of all time, responsible for some of the most famous and bizarre films ever made. As a writer, producer, and director, Reitman, who died on February 12, 2022, was a true multitalented individual who influenced the way movies were made. His films and the actors and directors he influenced have left an indelible mark.

Below are some of the essential films directed by legendary Ivan Reitman, to watch.

1. Ghostbusters (1984)

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Cast- Bill Murray, Dan Akroyd, Harold Ramis

Dr. Peter Venkman, Dr. Raymond Stantz, and Dr. Egon Spengler, scientists and ambitious paranormal explorers, lay off after one too many forays into the uncanny. In order to prove everyone incorrect, the crew creates “Ghostbusters”. A paranormal search-and-destroy agency that targets the Big Apple’s renegade spirits. Until they meet Gozer the Destructor, an old shape-shifting demon. Dana Barrett, the possessed former client, and Louis Tully, her love-smitten neighbour, are up to something now. Eager to usher in a new era of evil. The Ghostbusters are on to something huge for the first time in their careers.

2. Stripes (1981)

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Cast- Bill Murray, Harold Ramis, John Candy

After losing everything he cares about in one day, John Winger, a rudderless New York City slacker, has an epiphany. Why not join the army, since his life is already a mess? John persuades his unmotivated English teacher best buddy, Russell, to join the US Army, dreaming of exotic adventures, free meals, and meeting girls. But, surviving the gruelling boot camp and the demanding drill sergeant, Sergeant Hulka, sounds easier. However, it is not. At the very least, Louise and Stella, two lovely MPs, appear to like John and Russell. However, the question remains unanswered. Will John ultimately mature before causing World War III to erupt?

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3. Dave (1993)

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Cast- Kevin Kleine, Sigourney Weaver, Frank Langella

President of the United States Bill Mitchell is a philandering, remote figure. Dave Kovic is a sweet-natured and compassionate Temp Agency manager who, by a strange chance, looks just like President Obama. As a result, when Mitchell needs to get out of a formal luncheon, the Secret Service recruits Dave to fill in for him. Mitchell has a stroke while having sex with one of his aides, and Dave is stuck in the position eternally. Bob Alexander, the White House’s crooked and manipulative Chief of Staff, aims to use Dave to gain power. But he doesn’t bank on Dave enjoying himself in office, utilising his good fortune to benefit the country. Also, falling in love with the lovely First Lady.

4. Meatballs (1979)

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Cast- Bill Murray, Sarah Torgov, Kate Lynch

Rudy spends his summer in a summer camp for unruly teenagers. Tripper Harrison is the prank-playing, girl-seducing, fun-loving head counsellor. He teases both his boss and the counsellors at the nearby rich kids camp. Tripper must encourage other campers to try their hardest. Even persuade young Rudy that this could be his chance to feel better about himself. Because he and everyone else is sick and tired of losing the Camp Olympics every year.

5. Twins (1988)

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Cast- Danny DeVito, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Kelly Preston

Julius and Vincent Benedict are the offspring of an experiment to create the ideal child. Julius was conceived with athletic dimensions in mind. Vincent is a bystander who is a little shorter in stature. Julius is transferred to a South Seas island and nurtured by philosophers, while Vincent is placed in an orphanage. Julius discovers that Vincent has a brother and begins seeking for him. Vincent becomes the ultimate lowlife and is about to be killed by loan sharks when Julius discovers that he has a brother and begins looking for him.

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6. Kindergarten Cop (1990)

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Cast- Arnold Schwarzenegger, Pamela Reed, Christian Cousins

After multiple futile attempts, veteran LAPD Detective John Kimble has one final chance to apprehend elusive drug lord Cullen Crisp. He is searching for his son and ex-wife, both of whom have fled with millions of dollars. In the aim of gaining information, the huge officer disguises himself as a substitute kindergarten teacher at a crowded elementary school in Astoria, Oregon. However, in order to maintain his cover, John must keep a boisterous classroom full of scary five-year-old enemies under control.

7. Draft Day (2014)

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Cast- Kevin Costner, Chadwick Boseman, Jennifer Garner

Sonny is told by the team’s owner that if he doesn’t make a splash and drive ticket sales before the NFL draught starts in 13 hours, he will be fired. As a result, the general manager accepts a trade offer from another team. In which he receives the top overall pick in the draught in exchange for three future first-round picks. The move enrages the Browns’ head coach. It compels all of the team’s scouts to dig out whatever information they can about the highly touted quarterback from Wisconsin. That everyone, including the owner, expects them to make. Meanwhile, Weaver is helpless to a great linebacker who is dealing with family troubles and has a fiery temper.

8. No Strings Attached (2011)

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Cast- Aston Kutcher, Natalie Portman, Greta Gerwig

charming Emma, whom Adam met at summer camp and runs into now that he’s a TV show assistant striving to a script writing job and she’s a hospital intern, is someone Adam never forgets. Adam is dragged to her med students flat, nude and mocked for being oblivious, although a decent and remorseful sport, after another terrible stunt from his very greedy father, twice-divorced Hollywood has been Alvin. Emma admits to not being able to have a relationship, but he agrees to be sex buddies without strings, which works for a time, making her flirting best friend Sam envious, while their other friends try to coach the non-couple into becoming one. Adam, the irresistible, does everything right, but her phobia of romance keeps ruining his date plans.

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Cast- Robert Redford, Debra Winger, Daryl Hannah

At least until he falls entangled with defence lawyer Laura Kelly and her unstable client Chelsea Deardon, District Attorney Tom Logan is destined for higher position. The theft of a valuable picture appears to be the least of Chelsea’s misdeeds, but as the women encourage Logan to dig deeper and cut some official corners, a much more ominous situation emerges.

10. Ghostbusters II (1989)

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Cast- Harold Ramis, Bill Murray, Rick Moranis

Five years after coating New York City in marshmallow in Ghostbusters (1984), the once-famous ghost-hunting team is struggling to stay afloat, performing odd jobs. When Dana Barrett and her infant, Oscar, have yet another terrible brush with the supernatural, Peter Venkman and his fearless band of supernatural crime-fighters are called in to rescue the day. Humanity is once again in peril, as rivers of slimy psycho-reactive ectoplasm and a terrifying incarnation of the terrible sixteenth-century dictator Vigo the Carpathian threaten to engulf the entire city in darkness unless the selfless Ghostbusters intervene.