Actress Emily Blunt has proven that she can handle a wide range of roles, from drama to horror and humour. Her talent has landed her roles in scores of films, as well as several honours and nominations including six Golden Globe nominations, one of which she received for her role as Natasha in the BBC drama Gideon’s Daughter. Blunt was named “Best Newcomer” by British newspaper Evening Standard for her first performance in the play The Royal Family. Below are some of the Emily Blunt finest films.

1. Sicario

Emily Blunt Finest Films
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Director- Denis Villeneuve

Cast- Emily Blunt, Josh Brolin, Benicio Del Toro

Her commanding officer assigns an idealistic FBI agent to work a perilous region of the US-Mexico border. She is exposed to the savagery of the Mexican drug cartel. She forms a partnership with a cartel defector with extensive knowledge of the organization. Her moral and professional boundaries are stretched to their breaking point as she delves more into the cruelty and corruption underlying the FBI operation to discover the organization’s leaders.

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2. Edge Of Tomorrow

Emily Blunt Finest Films
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Director- Doug Liman

Cast- Emily Blunt, Tom Cruise, Bill Paxton

An alien race launches an unrelenting assault on Earth, unstoppable by any military force on the planet. When Major William Cage is unceremoniously getting into what amounts to a suicide mission, he has never seen a day of combat. After being killed in a matter of minutes, Cage is unexpectedly cast into a time loop, forcing him to repeat the same violent combat over and over, fighting and dying each time. With the help of Special Forces combatant Rita Vrataski, Cage improves his ability to engage the foes with increasing skill. And, as Cage and Vrataski fight the aliens, each encounter brings them one step closer to destroying the adversary.

3. The Devil Wears Prada

Emily Blunt Finest Films
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Director- David Frankel

Cast- Emily Blunt, Anne Hathaway, Meryl Streeps

Aspiring to be a journalist Andrea Sachs views the opportunity as a short-term professional challenge by getting a job as Miranda Priestly’s second assistant in New York. Miranda Priestly is the harsh CEO of Runway fashion magazine. In an attempt to counsel, Emily, Miranda’s first assistant informs her of their nasty boss’s behavior and preferences. However, Andrea’s attitude and behavior shift, hurting her personal life as well as her relationships with Nate, her family, and her friends. In conclusion, her career teaches her that life is a series of choices.

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4. A Quiet Place

Emily Blunt Finest Films
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Director- John Krasinski

Cast- Emily Blunt, John Krasinki, Noah Jupe

The Abbotts are striving to survive during the remoteness of upstate New York, defined by a new era of complete stillness, in a shattered Earth overrun by indestructible predators of suspected extraterrestrial origin. Indeed, because this new sort of intruder is drawn to noise, even the tiniest sound can be fatal. However, it’s been a year since the terrible monsters were first seen, and this tenacious family is still standing. Of course, in this muted dystopia, mastering the rules of survival is crucial; nevertheless, now, more than ever, an otherwise pleasant event jeopardizes the already fragile equilibrium. And now, more than ever, the Abbotts must avoid making a fool of themselves.

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5. Looper

Emily Blunt Finest Films
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Director- Rian Johnson

Cast- Emily Blunt, Joseph Gordon- Levitt, Bruce Wills

Joe is a “looper,” a career in which his bosses use time travel to send men from the future to be killed in the past, so Joe can dispose of their bodies correctly. Joe understands, however, that in order to tie up loose ends and eliminate proof of his ever being a looper, his future self will be sent back for him to kill one day. When the time comes, Joe’s future self is ready and flees, and the two men strive separately in the past to avoid capture while pursuing their own personal goals.

After reading this list of the Emily Blunt finest films, it’s clear that she is a force to be reckoned with. She lends depth and power to each part she plays, whether it’s in a blockbuster like Edge of Tomorrow or a little indie like Sicario. Her performances are always memorable, and it will be interesting to see what her future has in store.