Drive To Survive Season 3 Official Teaser: The official teaser for the third season of Drive To Survive was released a few days ago and fans are really excited about the show. Drive To Survive is a documentary series produced by Netflix and Formula 1 to give you an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at drivers and races of the formula one championship. In the previous seasons, the documentary series covered the 2018 and 2019 Formula One World Championships. The first season came out in 2019 and the second season came out in 2020. Drive to survive season 3 is all to release next month and will cover the 2020 world championship.

First two seasons have gotten mixed reviews all over the world. Fans really liked the behind-the-scenes but disliked the way they overly dramatize the scenes. Netflix tried many things to make this documentary series more dramatic story-wise. Tweaked the commentary, all the track actions were overly dramatized to make the show more intense. Being a casual fan, I didn’t mind it that much. If you are a fan of F1 Formula racing and can look past all these things this series very enjoyable inside look into F1 for both new fans and old ones.

Drive to Survive Official Teaser

The teaser was just an announcement trailer for the third season. It revealed the release date of the upcoming season and gave a glimpse of what can we expect from it. We can see how the show has been made more like a movie rather than a documentary. The main problem of the fans with the show was how Netflix ‘created’ some stories rather than presenting them. They try to make it a battle between good vs evil when in reality it’s nothing like this. Some of the drama is real, but Netflix really tried to make it way more intense than it actually is. Maybe that is the only reason fans loved it so much.

The second season was considered more accurate than the first season and maybe we can see similar patterns in this season also. I am not saying that Drive to survive is bad in any way. It was interesting and really made a casual fan like me get into Formula One for real. It was just the exaggeration that I didn’t like much. I want my sports to be presented real and raw. That is my personal opinion and you should watch this show anyway if you are into Formula One even a little bit.

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Drive to survive season 3 teaser Breakdown

The teaser was just 30 seconds long. Drivers to survive the season will be fixed on Lewis Hamilton mainly who broke the record of being the driver with the most championship to his name. Maybe the series will cover that too. The series might also cover Abu Dhabi Grand Prix that happened. If it doesn’t cover it, I am ready to complain.

Another arc that I really want Netflix to cover is Pierre Gasly’s redemption. His story is motivational nonetheless. And then winning in Monza to wrap up the fairytale.

Remember the time when Vettel was being regarded as the chosen one? How the time flies. Well, he left Ferrari and joined Aston Martin this season. Drive to survive season 3 might also cover that. The battle between McLaren Vs Racing point Vs Renault was the one to see this season and Netflix will definitely intensify it 100X. And weirdly I am looking forward to it. The series will definitely cover Roman Grosjean’s injury and his path to recovery.

Overall, the season might have been cut short but it had so many things. I am requesting Netflix to make it right. I am looking forward to this more than ever now.

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Drive to survive season 3 Plot

The official synopsis of Netflix read “As the world has been turned upside down, during one of the most challenging years for the sport, 10 teams continue to battle it out for the checkered flag.”

There is nothing to explain regarding the plot here. Netflix with Formula One will present us the behind-the-scenes of the exclusive Formula One Championships. It will show us the rivalry between the teams, the drama that occurs on the track, the tension, and who will come out on top at the end.

Drive to survive release date

The third season is all set to release on March 19, 2021. Drive to survive season 3 will have 10 episodes just like previous seasons, with each episode being thirty to forty minutes long. You can stream it on Netflix with no regional block. If it’s anything like the previous two seasons, consider me interested. We will see how the third season will turn out to be in few days. I just want them to stop doing that fake commentary. Please, stop that fake commentary. It just screams that the show is fake. But other than that I am hyped for the show.

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