We know that it has been three months since 2022 was over. And you might have seen many lists telling you about their favorite movies of last year. We never got to it, and it is as good as time as any. Oscars came by, and ‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’ won the award for the best picture. And just like every year, it was a mixed reaction from the fanbase. We decided to give it a try as well. Oscar might only tell you the best movie of the year. We have prepared a whole list. All ten films on this list are best for specific reasons, and we have tried to keep this list as diverse as possible. So, Discover the Best 2022 Movies Our Top 10 Picks:


Best Indian Movies Of 2022
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RRR became the first Indian film to win an oscar. It was a joyous moment for Indians, but just like always, we started complaining. Rather than celebrating the win and the art, we started bashing it.

The hate was unreal. But let me tell you that RRR is absolute magic. People might mug it off as an over-the-top action movie, but the story was grounded. It gave us a bromance that we didn’t know we needed.

I was dancing in my room when RRR won the Oscar. The movie was a delight. I don’t want every film to be like this, but these movies are also necessary, and people must understand.

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Everything Everywhere All At Once

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Now, let’s get it over with. I adore this movie. First, it was a new concept, and I always give a plus point to something new. And it was one of those rare moments where the maker tried something new, and it clicked.

Secondly, it was an acidic trip that you could never forget. So many outstanding performances, the cinematography was brilliant, the action choreography was sensational, and most importantly, this was such a beautiful film to the eyes. It deserved everything it got. One of the best 2022 movies.

The Quiet Girl

Best 2022 Movies
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I watched this movie because of all the hype it generated. People hailed it as the best Irish movie ever made. And I am glad that they were right. The Quiet Girl is one of the best Irish movies ever made.

I would have liked this movie to win the Oscars, but it is what it is. The film is based on the book “Foster” by Claire Keegan. The adaptation was astonishing, and I hope we see more Irish films over the years.


Best 2022 Movies
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Let me say this was the most empowering movie I saw last year. It was not a movie but a story of grit, determination, solitude, and justice. This movie is emotional, but it never gets preachy or highly melodramatic.

It is an empathetic story that was told brilliantly. I was a mess by the end of the movie. Sai Pallavi stole the show with her performance and deserved every award last year. Her performance in the climax touched every string of my heart.

Decision To Leave

Best 2022 Movies
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The ‘Decision To Leave’ was such a tearful surprise. It is one of my favorite movies of all time and one of the Best 2022 movies. There are very few movies that you can watch immediately after completing it once, and Decision To Leave is one of those few.

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One of the best-shot movies of 2022, and every scene was like poetry. The editing part stand-out ultimately. Every transition was effortless. It was a shame that this movie was not nominated for the Oscars.

All Quiet On The Western Front

Oscars 2023 Winners
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As per most fans, this movie should have won the Oscars. And I get where they are coming from. It is a perfect example of creating art from a gritty and horrifying tragedy. It was a complicated watch and was utterly worth it.

The movie is inspired by the soldiers’ experience of the First World War. The battleground was a hell made by humans, and the movie depicted it beautifully. The fact that the film is so pleasing to the eyes also works in its favor.


Best 2022 Movies
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Pakistan produced only 23 movies last year; among them was this masterpiece. It is genuinely heartbreaking how underrated this movie is. Critics, fans, and the world are avoiding this movie, which is saddening.

It is a movie that will make you emotional, shake you to its core, and make you vulnerable, and the background music will make those tears flow uncontrollably. But that is life, right?


Best 2022 Movies
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2022 was almost over, and I was concerned about whether Bollywood will produce a movie that would move me. And then came Qala. A gut-wrenching, heart-breaking, yet aesthetically pleasing film that struck every cord of my heart.

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Tripti Dimri did a fantastic job and gave one of the best performances ever. The music by Amit Trivedi was angelic and soulful. The spiral that Qala faces in the movie will make you empathetic, and you will root for her closure.


Best 2022 Movies
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What a movie this is. A haunting yet beautiful music that will show you so many sides of a musician that you will be amazed. The fact that the whole movie was a long setup to a video game punchline is hilarious.

Cate Blanchett performed of a lifetime and was my pick to win the Oscars. The movie’s ending is so deeply layered, and it is so heartbreaking that it is perfect. A perfect 10/10 movie in every sense.

The Batman

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This is my favorite movie of 2022, and it is not even close. The best Batman movie ever, and you can argue as much as you want. This is the first movie that shows us that Batman is just as crazy as his nemesis.

This is the most beautiful movie of 2022 and should have won that award as well. The soundtrack was haunting and will take your breath away. Go and watch this movie, and you can thank me later.

In conclusion, movie enthusiasts can look forward to a spectacular lineup of the Best 2022 Movies. With blockbuster movies like RRR, Everything Everywhere All At Once, and The Batman. There’s no shortage of must-see films in the coming year. So, mark your calendars and get ready for an unforgettable cinematic experience!