Dark Side Of The Ring, Vice Media released official air dates for the first part of Season 3.

Vice Media just released the official air date for the first part of the third season. The dark side of the ring is Vice media’s most critically acclaimed series. It shows some of the darkest things of wrestling as we know of now. It features backstage interviews from various superstars and higher authorities. The episode featuring Chris Benoit’s story might be one of the most difficult things I have ever watched. It was brutal, honest to death, and sometimes really uncomfortable. But it really unmasked many truths that the general fans wanted to know.

Dark Side Of The Ring

The third season has already released two episodes on Billy Kidman and Nick Gage. Billy Kidman as we know was destined for great things. He was never really able to reach his potential. He was supposed to be the Steve Austin of that era. And the episode focused on those aspects. The second episode featured the story of hardcore active legend Nick Gage. It was an interesting watch and all of you should watch it. Now we know Vice Media will release more episodes and this time the featured superstars are really big. So, let’s take a look at their schedule so you can bookmark what you want to watch.

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Collision in Korea – May 20, 2021

The next episode of the series will feature the story of one of the most bizarre even of professional wrestling. Collision in Korea was the first wrestling event in Korea. The audience knew nothing about wrestling and the event still drew 150,000 fans, which is still the highest. The show featured wrestling great Ric Flair and Antonio Inoki and they drew the crowd in. It was a testament to how great Ric Flair was. The episode will feature the backstage experience of the wrestlers involved. And if we can get Ric Flair’s interview about the event, it will be a must-watch episode.

Ultimate Warrior – May 27, 2021

If you are a wrestling fan, you must have heard about Ultimate Warrior. The adrenaline rush theme song, the run to the ring two clotheslines, one splash, and Ultimate Warrior conquered. It was simple things but it was entertainment at its best. He was the biggest attraction in WWF after Hulk Hogan. Sadly, the steroids scandal took over and he had to leave. But, his legacy is still greater than ever and you can’t deny it. He sadly passed away on 8 April 2014 due to a Heart Attack. The episode will feature all his highs and lows and might also focus on the use of steroids in wrestling. It will be an interesting watch no matter how you look at it.

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Grizzly Smith/Jake – June 3, 2021

Grizzly Smith was the definition of golden age wrestlers. An almost 7 feet tall giant that can knock you out with just one slap. His behind the stage work is also monumental in World Wrestling Federation’s history. But his in-ring work and work as a instructor and production manager has been overshadowed by the accusations made on him over the years. Even his son, wrestling legend ‘Jake The Snake Roberts’ have accused him of alleged sexual relations. He also told that Grizzly Smith never told him that wrestling is fake. That was the kind of kayfabe the industry was built upon. We will deep dive into his career and his personal life too. This episode will feature interview from ‘Jake The Snake Roberts’ himself. ‘

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Dynamite Kid – June 10, 2021

Both Dynamite Kid and British Bulldog were amazing wrestlers and deserved more. You can’t convince me otherwise. Dynamite Kid was one of the first wrestlers to change the wrestling scene. With his high-flying move sets and bulky figure, he had a major hand in transforming wrestling. He wrestled in Stampede Wrestling, in NJPW, and finally made it in WWF. He was a tag-team champion alongside his brother British Bulldog. His reputation is also a little bit dodgy because of all the backstage pranks he pulled throughout the years. There are countless stories of his violent nature behind the stage. He allegedly held a shotgun to his ex-wife’s head, which was empty in Dynamite Kid’s own words. So, this episode will also be an interesting watch no matter what.

Wrestling world is crazy and is filled with stories like these. And Vice Media show has brought out some of the best stories like these. The first two episodes are already a hit and fans really liked those. The line up for future episode also looks interesting and worth watching. The line-up for part 2 will be revealed shortly and we will update you as soon as something is out.