Young adults who truly want to broaden their ideas on pretty much everything, but especially the art of reading, grew increasingly interested in the aesthetic. Dark Academia is characterised and illustrated by items like boarding schools, tweed jackets, Latin classes, and black coffee. A certain aesthetic known as “dark academia” romanticises the pursuit of knowledge, particularly in literature and ancient studies. Fashion, photography, writing, and movies might all be used to communicate it. Students from famous colleges, murder cases, and the solutions discovered are all included in the movies.

On our last Dark Academia post, our readers responded in spades. And we appreciate you all very much. This time, we thought we would provide you with a comprehensive list of “Dark Academia“-related movies to watch. Check out. Also check out our previous post on Dark Academia in the link below.

1. Rope (1948)

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Director- Alfred Hitchcock

Philip Morgan and Brandon Shaw are two haughty young men. They kill a friend for no apparent purpose other than to demonstrate their ability to get away with it. In the living room, where they would host a party that night, they place their victim, David Kentley, in a chest. David’s father and Rupert Cadell, one of their previous teachers, are among the guests. The bolder of the two criminals, Brandon, pushes his chances to become even bolder as the night goes on. On the other hand, Philip starts to feel bad about what they did. Hence, when mixed with too much booze, he starts acting strangely. Cadell began to wonder just what they had done as a result of all this.

2. Suspiria (1977)

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Director- Dario Argento

Suzy Bannion, an aspiring American ballet student, comes in the middle of the night at Freiburg’s prestigious Dance Academy. Against the backdrop of the horrifying murder of another young student. Suzy will gradually start to suspect that the relentless attacks on the institute’s innocent members. Along with it, the seemingly never-ending stream of sinister happenings. She accord with the unsettling and insidious rumours of witchcraft after getting force to stay at school following a sudden fainting episode.

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3. Another Country (1984)

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Director- Marek Kanievska

Guy Bennett and Tommy Judd, classmates and fellow outsiders at an elite British public school in the 1930s where conformity is the rule. They find solace in friendship in this movie adaptation of the Julian Mitchell play. When given the chance to become head boy, openly gay Bennett must deal with bullying and homophobia. While Judd finds it difficult to balance his own Marxist ideas with those of the establishment.

4. Scent Of A Woman (1992)

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Director- Martin Brest

Charlie Simms attends the Baird School in New Hampshire, an exclusive boarding school for boys with demanding coursework and a high cost of attendance. The naive Simms gets a position for “babysitting” at a nearby home. It is out of a desire for money from a part-time job so he can see his family in Oregon during the forthcoming Christmas break. He is not prepare for the position because he gets assign to keep watch over Slade, an unpleasant, rude-mannered blind ex-colonel with a talent for picking aides. Charlie accepts the job because of his empathetic and indispensable personality. Simms is unexpectedly brought to New York City with the colonel. There, the former soldier has numerous agendas of his own. Before he can even determine his degree of comfort in the job.

5. Dead Poet Society (1989)

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Director- Peter Weir

Todd Anderson, who is painfully shy, gets assign to the school where his well-liked older brother was valedictorian. Although incredibly intelligent and well-liked, his roommate Neil Perry is heavily controlled by his domineering father. Their new English instructor, Professor Keating, introduces the two and their other friends to the Dead Poets Society and exhorts them to challenge the established quo. Each accomplishes this in his own way and is forever altered.

6. Wilde (1997)

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Director- Brian Gilbert

Oscar Wilde, an Irish playwright, marries Constance Lloyd Wilde in Victorian England after returning from America. He and his wife have two kids named Cyril and Vyvyan, and his lucrative plays bring in a lot of money. When he becomes close to young Robbie Ross, he “comes out of the closet,” establishing a homosexual identity. Hence, engaging in brief romances with young people. He falls in love with the corrupt Lord Alfred “Bosie” Douglas when he first meets him. However, Bosie’s father accuses Wilde of “appearing as a sodomite” in court. Wilde is given a two-year term of hard labour. The unsanitary circumstances in prison have an impact on his health, and after being released from prison, he only lives a brief time in Paris.

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7. Good Will Hunting (1997)

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Director- Gus Van Sant

Will Hunting, a janitor at MIT, has a talent for math and chemistry that may propel him far beyond his blue-collar upbringing. However, he is unaware of this talent and is unable to even consider leaving his childhood home in Boston’s South End, his construction work, or his closest friend. A number of strangers enter the situation, which further complicates things: a brilliant math professor who learns about Will’s gifts and even envies them; a sympathetic therapist who understands Will’s blue-collar background; and a stunning, talented pre-med student who, for the first time in Will’s life, demonstrates the possibility of love.

8. The Great Debaters (2007)

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Director- Denzel Washington

Wiley College is located in Marshall, Texas, which James Farmer, Jr. referred to as “the last city to surrender after the Civil War.” Professor Melvin Tolson led the debate team to a nearly undefeated season in 1935–36 while drawing inspiration from the Harlem Renaissance and his covert union organising work. The season culminated with an invitation to compete against Harvard University’s national champions. A lynch mob, Jim Crow, sexism, an arrest and near riot, a love affair, jealousy, and a national radio audience heat up the crucible in which the four-person team—which also includes a female student and a very young James Farmer—are put to the test.

9. Dorian Gray (2009)

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Director- Oliver Parker

Dorian Gray, a charming, sweet, and innocent young man, succumbs to temptation and the opulent society of London’s sybarites after becoming enchanted by the hidden pleasures of Victorian England and the aesthete Lord Wotton’s debauched world of pleasure. Basil Hallward, a close friend of Wotton’s, paints Dorian’s eternal portrait to capture the essence of beauty and the fleeting excellence of a young body. Soon, the profound impact of such an alluring portrait seeps into the depths of the young man’s spirit. Dorian is prepared to take any measure necessary to maintain his youth at this point, even if it means making an unbreakable promise to powerful dark forces.

10. The Theory Of Everything (2014)

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Director- James Marsh

In Cambridge in the early 1960s, Stephen Hawking, a student of cosmology, meets Jane Hawking, a student of ancient Spanish poetry; the two are like-minded individuals with a shared curiosity. At age 21, Hawking received the terrible news that he has ALS, a fatal, progressive degenerative motor-neuron disease. This is unfortunate because it puts the world at the feet of the two young dreamers. With Stephen only having a few years to live as a result of this sad news, tenacious and devoted Jane enters his life, marries him, and eventually they have three children together.

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On the other hand, while Hawking’s frail body is gradually becoming weaker due to his physical deterioration, his mind is still keen and he is always looking for a single equation that could describe the elusive “Theory of Everything.” Stephen Hawking, who is in his mid-seventies and still actively working to support his theory, has yet to announce any plans to retire.

11. Phantom Thread (2017)

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Director- Paul Thomas Anderson

Reynolds Woodcock, of The House of Woodcock, rests on his laurels in the glitzy world of glamour of 1950s London knowing that his artistic creations in lustrous silk and delicate chiffon are nothing less than objects of pure desire. Reynolds Woodcock is arguably the most refined, exquisite, and brilliant couturier in Europe. A accidental encounter with Alma, a delightful and nearly ideally proportioned young server, will cause Woodcock to connect with the bright-eyed woman and embrace her as his new muse, but everything in the beloved dressmaker’s well-organised life is about to change.

12. Colette (2018)

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Director- Wash Westmoreland

Gabrielle Colette moves from her childhood home in rural France to the intellectual and artistic magnificence of Paris after marrying renowned Parisian writer Henry Gauthier-Villars, also known as “Willy.” Colette is persuaded to serve as Willy’s ghostwriter shortly after. In response, Colette writes a bestseller and a literary sensation about a smart and brash rural girl named Claudine in a semi-autobiographical novel. Colette and Willy become the buzz of Paris following its popularity, and their exploits serve as the basis for more Claudine books. Because of her struggle with gender stereotypes and creative ownership, Colette has revolutionised sexuality, fashion, and other facets of culture.

13. Knives Out (2019)

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Director- Rian Johnson

Except for the enigmatic and mysterious murder of the celebrated crime/mystery author Harlan Thrombey, nothing could spoil the extravagant birthday celebration at his opulent house. However, the cryptic investigator, Benoit Blanc, is not totally sure. The keen knife in the silver-haired deceased’s hand is a dead giveaway that something, or someone, had been worrying Harlan. All eyes are on the ultimate prize: Harlan’s beautiful legacy. In fact, more than one member of the successful author’s close family has thus far been sparing with the truth. As Blanc strives to cast light on a tangled jumble of half-baked leads and little white lies.