Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! | Official Trailer | Netflix: Netflix has taken all the responsibility to make us laugh in these troubled times. And that too with some of the biggest stars. Netflix has released so many Sitcoms in these two months and they are not stopping anytime soon. They are back with an upcoming Netflix show, Dad Stop Embarrassing Me. Starring Jamie Fox. The trailer looked amazing, with Jamie Foxx in a new avatar that I haven’t seen from him. Well, he started his career at Sitcom shows and now he is coming back here. It feels like an occasion. I mean if you are a classic Jamie Foxx fan, you are pretty excited for this show, without a doubt. If you grew up a fan of In Living Color as I did then you’re extremely happy right now.

The trailer was released yesterday and fans absolutely loved the trailer. I was in doubt about another Sitcom, but then I saw Jamie Foxx, and then I watched the trailer. I can say without a doubt it will be a hit. Jamie Foxx really knows how to connect with the audience and it is shown in the trailer as well. Netflix made sure to tell you that it is Jamie’s first Sitcom show after 25 years. This show will also feature another ‘In Living Color’ cast, David Allen Grier. Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! is based on Jamie’s own relationship with her daughter. So, automatically this upcoming Netflix show is very close to him, and that’s why he is producing the series as well.

Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! Plot

Netflix’s official synopsis reads “A single dad and cosmetics brand owner figures out fatherhood on the fly when his strong-minded teen daughter moves in with him.”

The plot is simple and we have seen stories like these so many times before. It isn’t groundbreaking or anything new. Jamie Foxx will play the role of a person whose daughter suddenly comes to live with him. He doesn’t know what to do and is afraid that she won’t connect with him. The generation gap doesn’t help them either. With Jamie being a religious father and her daughter being a modern rebellious one who isn’t afraid to fight for herself. You can see that in the trailer too in the “everybody under this roof” bit. Both of their fights and chemistry will entertain you throughout.

It is a tried and tested storyline that has run over the years. The thing setting Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! from other Sitcom is Jamie Foxx only. His presence is phenomenal. The Academy Award-winning actor has already shown us in the trailer that he will run this show. When was the last time you saw Jamie Foxx in a loose character and was able to do anything he wanted? Well, if you haven’t, this show is a treat for you. Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! will also feature some really emotional moments and we know every actor can handle that.

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Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! Release Date

The show is all set to release on April 14, 2021. It will feature eight-episode 20-30 minutes longs. Every episode will release on the same day itself, which will make it perfect show for binging. It will come out on Netflix without any regional restrictions, so you can enjoy it from any place in the world.

Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! Cast

As you would have guessed by now that Jamie Foxx is the main star of the show. Alongside him, other cast members are Porscha Coleman as Chelsea, Heather Hemmens as Stacy, Valente Rodriguez as Manny, Miracle Reigns as Zia, Cleo Berry as Lionel Simmons, Harry Zinn as Clarence McMillon, and Scott Borden as Chad Connolly. Other cast members are David Alan Grier, Kyla-Drew, and Jonathan Kite. You can read the full cast list on Netflix’s official website or IMDB.

The cast is really strong for a Sitcom show. We have already talked about Jamie Foxx so much. Other than him David Allen Grier is also in the show, and we have seen him in ‘In Living Colors’. His chemistry with Jamie is amazing and the trailer showed us that only. He will play the role of Jamie’s father in the show and in my opinion he will kill it. Other than these two I was really impressed by Porscha Coleman in the trailer. Her expressions looked top-notch. She will play the role of Jamie’s sister and I am really excited to see this father-daughter-son chemistry on-screen.

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Ken Whittingham, Bentley Kyle Evans, and Robin Strickland are directing the show. The first six episodes will be directed by Ken Whittingham and the last two by Bentley and Robin. I just hope that all of these three are in sync about the direction, so that the narrative doesn’t lose its grip. Camille Corbett and Bentley Kyle Evans are in-charge of the script. Jenna Hensel, Chris Arrington, and Jamie Foxx are producing the series.

Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! What To Expect

Overall, this looks like a fun show that you can watch on a weekend with your family. Jamie Foxx’s inclusion has made it 100X better. But even after that, this show has everything to make it a hit. I just hope that they haven’t used all the good jokes in the trailer only, because that will be really weird. Other than that I am pretty excited about this show. Mainly for Jamie Foxx only.