The trailer for “Licorice Pizza” the latest film by acclaimed film director Paul Thomas Anderson dropped recently. The film stars the son of the late stalwart actor Philip Seymour Hoffman. PTA’s fans have gone in a frenzy over the looks of the film and have started speculating theories. Here is what we know so far.

Trailer Talk

The new “Licorice Pizza” teaser has nothing to do with candy or pizza. Or, for that matter, Bradley Cooper. The latest Paul Thomas Anderson picture, the trailer for which was released on Monday, is about a couple of 1970s high school kids from the San Fernando Valley. One of whom is a successful child actor, and appears to have been shot in the Valley at the time.

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As the trailer suggests, the retro film focuses on life in an L.A. suburb and the details of growing up there. All against the backdrop of making it big in Hollywood. Alana Haim of the pop band Haim and Cooper Hoffman, the son of late actor Philip Seymour Hoffman, both make their feature-film debuts in the nostalgic coming-of-age picture.

What We’ve Observed So Far!

In one scene, Bradley Cooper plays hairstylist and producer Jon Peters, who teaches Gary how to speak his lover Barbra Streisand’s name and then mysteriously wrecks vehicles in the next. Hoffman and Alana’s spark and friction are obvious as she undresses in front of him and smacks him immediately thereafter. Several times during the trailer, they argue, almost clasp hands, and race toward each other.

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There are additional appearances by Sean Penn, Ben Stiller, and Maya Rudolph (who is married to Anderson). Tom Waits, a musician, and Benny Safdie are featured in the cast.

“Pop Theory”

The film, which was formerly named “Soggy Bottom,” acquired its new title from the now-defunct L.A. record and video store chain. In fact, the Licorice Pizza franchise was inspired by a comedic piece on an album by 1960s folk duo Bud & Travis.

Release Date (USA)

“Licorice Pizza” will be available in a limited release on November 26 and will be available globally on December 25.