Living stressful in the lockdown is the biggest challenge everyone has ever faced in their life. This escapism is needed more than ever. And for that, films have proved themselves to be a great help. We require films that could make us feel good, comfortable and ease the stress and pain we are bound to go through.

Therefore, below are some films which could provide us great comfort.

1. Pride And Prejudice

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Adaptation of Jane Austen’s novel, Pride And Prejudice revolve around Elizabeth Bennet who lives with her parents and sisters in the countryside. Her life takes a turn when she gets introduced to upper-class Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy. Apart from having hot chemistry between the two, both find different ways to oppose each other due to Darcy’s reserved behavior.

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2. Love, Simon

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A 17-year-old, high school student, Simon Spier experiences a little complicated love story when he falls for an anonymous classmate. Greg Berlanti’s Love, Simon is a story of a closeted boy from his parents and friends, who starts an e-mail correspondence with another closeted boy who happens to be his schoolmate.

3. Harry Potter

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Adapted from J.K Rowling’s children’s novel, Harry Potter is a series of mischievous events happening in the life of an 11-year-old boy, Harry Potter. On the day of his eleventh birthday, orphaned Harry discovers the past life of his parents who happens to be powerful wizards. In order to unfold the truth about his dead parents, the boy is summoned to become a student of Hogwarts, a school of wizards. He meets people who become his friends who help him in his journey.

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4. Her

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In Spike Jonze’s sensitive love story, Her, Theodore, a divorcee who earns his living by writing personal letters to people. He finds himself fascinated by the new operating system which develops its own unique way. He meets “Samantha” through the program. Her sensitive and bright voice helps Theodore to make a bond. Over time, their strong friendship deepens into love.

5. Amelie

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Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s Amelie is a story of a waiter, Amelie who is caught in her imaginative world. Despite that, she spends her life helping people in finding happiness in their life. The story takes a turn when we discover her lack of courage in fixing things in her own life until love comes into her life.

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