Apple TV has just bought their costliest movie for the staggering amount of $25 Million. I was honestly shocked to hear this news. But, after watching the movie, I must say that CODA review deserved every single penny given to them.

CODA is an acronym for Child Of Deaf Adult. The movie revolves around a loving family where three out of four family members are deaf. This movie is comedy-drama and, it has rocked this year’s Sun-dance film festival by winning Four major awards.

CODA Movie Plot

The only hearing child Ruby (Emilia Jones) in a culturally deaf family decides to follow her passion of pursuing music. New labour laws severely impact their family business and in that chaos she finds herself learning music alongside her crush Miles (Ferdia Walsh Peelo). Miles too seems to be having a soft corner for her. They show beautiful chemistry between themselves. Can she proudly make her parents, even they can’t hear a single word? Watch CODA to find out now.

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CODA review

CODA Cast and Direction

Emilia Jones playing as Ruby nails her role in every parameter. You shouldn’t be surprised if she gets nominated or wins the Oscar this year. The other characters also stun us as the deaf family characters are actually deaf in the real world. Ruby’s father Frank is played by Kotsur, brother Leo is played by Durant and mother Jackie is played by Matlin. They all show how much talent we are missing by ignoring people with disabilities. All four main characters will make you believe that they are a real family and share a life-long bond no matter what and if you ask me that’s what acting is all about.

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Direction by Sian Heder is top-notch and you can sense in some of the scenes where her direction makes all the difference in making this movie an emotion bomb. Moreover, Heder managed to create fun and comic scenes too and most of them come in the first half of the movie.

Apple TV has certainly found the algorithm to select the best movies for their platform as we have seen Ted Lasso dominating Emmys this year. In conclusion, If CODA begs an Oscar this year, Apple TV will be seeing huge increase in their viewing numbers.