With just two films under his belt, Jordan Peele has already developed a distinctive style that is evident in Nope. Hence, making him one of the most intriguing directors working today. Although many Redditors believe that Peele’s upcoming picture should be a remake, he is one of the few outstanding directors who still makes original films. The most well-known horror movies ever are listed here, according to Reddit users who think that Jordan Peele might adapt them.

1. Night Of The Living Dead (1968)

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Director-  George A. Romero

The moment Barbra and Johnny arrive at their father’s grave in a rural cemetery, zombies attack them. In what appears to be an abandoned farm house, Barbra finds safety after managing to escape. Ben soon arrives to help her out; he was in need of petrol and stopped at the house. Ben makes every effort to barricade the doors and windows as the walking dead surround them. Although there are stories of creatures coming back to life everywhere, they are depressing. Harry, Helen, Karen Cooper, a young couple named Tom and Judy, and the Coopers are all hiding out in the basement. It, thus, surprises Barbra and Ben. Harry Cooper’s desire to be in charge causes divisions to start almost immediately. Their odds of making it through the night are getting slimmer by the minute as their predicament gets worse.

2. The Sentinel (1977)

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Director- Michael Winner

Model Alison Parker resides with her friend and attorney. Michael within his residence. She quit the Catholic church and wants to live alone after making suicide attempts on two separate occasions. Miss Logan, a real estate agent, assists her in finding a Brooklyn Heights apartment for nearly nothing. She notices a guy in the top-floor window, and Miss Logan identifies him as Father Halloran. A blind priest who is supported by the church and lives alone. After settling in, Alison is visited by Charles Chazen, a neighbour, who introduces her to the other residents. The day after inviting Alison to his cat Jezebel’s birthday celebration, Alison starts experiencing strange things in her apartment and with her health. She learns that the structure conceals a dark secret.

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3. The Shining (1980)

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Director- Stanley Kubrick

Aspiring author and sober Jack Torrance brings his wife Wendy and his talented kid Danny up to the remote Overlook Hotel in snow-capped Colorado after accepting a job as an off-season caretaker because he is plagued by a recurring case of writer’s block. The manager gives Jack a tour of the enormous hotel as it closes for the year, and Danny engages in a fascinating conversation with the facility’s aged chef, Mr. Hallorann, about a rare psychic ability known as “The Shining.” Hallorann also makes sure to warn Danny about the hotel’s abandoned rooms, particularly Room 237, which is off-limits.

However, instead of getting out of the depressing creative rut, Jack gradually begins to lose his sanity as he is imprisoned in a harsh environment of seemingly never-ending snowstorms and a massive, silent jail filled with bizarre occurrences and unsettling visions. Now, Jack’s inner voices are clamouring for sacrifice.

4. The Thing (1982)

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Director- John Carpenter

Antarctica, 1982’s early winter, a US research station. A neighbouring Norwegian research station’s helicopter suddenly buzzes the base. A dog who fled from their base is the target of their attack. The members of the US team arrive at the Norwegian base after the Norwegian helicopter is destroyed, only to find that everyone there has either been killed or is disappeared. They do uncover the charred bones of an odd monster that the Norwegians burned. It is brought to the American base, where they determine that it is an alien life form. It becomes clear over time that the alien has the capacity to subjugate and ingratiate itself into various life forms, including humans, and that it can spread like a virus. Conflict rises as a result of the possibility that anyone at the base may be The Thing’s host.

5. They Live (1988)

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Director- John Carpenter

Unemployed John Nada wanders the streets of a major American city looking for something to do. He eventually locates a job as a worker and a place to stay, but one day a terrible tragedy occurs to him. John finds a set of sunglasses that allow him to view people’s true faces. In fact, many people in this metropolis are Andromeda aliens, and the majority of them play significant roles in our society. They keep people in the dark while ruling our planet as they see fit. In order to join them in the battle against the aliens, Nada must track down the remaining guys who are aware of what is happening to the people who made the weird sunglasses.

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6. Maniac Cop (1988)

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Director- William Lustig

A police officer in uniform is killing unarmed citizens in New York City with great brutality. Frank McCrae is in charge of the inquiry as the death toll increases and City Hall makes an effort to hide the truth. After falling victim to a set-up by the real perpetrator and a strange woman phone caller, a young police officer named Jack Forrest finds himself in custody as the prime suspect. To solve the problem before the Maniac Cop can launch another attack, Forrest, his girlfriend Theresa, and McCrae set out.

7. Killer Klowns From Outer Space (1988)

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Director- Stephen Chiodo

When a shooting star crashes in the woods, Dave Hanson and Debbie Stone, who are dating, are in a remote area of Crescent Cove. They make the decision to search for the star’s crash site, where they discover an odd circus tent. They quickly learn that the circus is actually a spacecraft and that the aliens look like clowns. Furthermore, a great number of people were slain and are now cocooned. Although the killer clowns are after them, they manage to escape. When they get in the town, they run upon Debbie’s previous boyfriend and tolerant sheriff Mike Tobacco.

Although Mike goes with Dave to the scene, his partner, Sheriff Curtis Mooney, does not credit the children’s statements. Soon after Mike discovers that Dave and Debbie are being honest, they decide to defend Debbie. However, the deadly clowns have kidnapped Debbie, so they work along with Rich and Paul Terenzi, the owners of an ice cream truck, to free Debbie.

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8. The People Under The Stairs (1991)

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Director- Wes Craven

When the young Fool enters the mansion of the selfish and callous landlords of his family, he finds a horrible scene where incestuous adult siblings had tortured and imprisoned several boys under the stairs in their huge, unsettling home. Fool encounters the psychopaths’ daughter, Alice, who has been protected from harsh punishment by her insane parents, as he tries to flee before the psychopaths can capture him.

9. Candyman (1992)

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Director- Bernard Rose

The University of Illinois, where Helen Lyle’s husband Trevor Lyle teaches, is where she and her friend Bernadette Walsh are conducting research for their thesis on urban legend. They are in Chicago. Helen develops an obsession with the story of the Candyman, a slave boy whose father amassed wealth in 1890 by creating a machine for mass-producing shoes. The well-educated Candyman was an artist, but when he became pregnant, the father of a wealthy family paid several guys to kill him. The Candyman is said to emerge if his name is said five times in front of a mirror, according to a folktale, and Helen makes an attempt to call on him. As Helen tries to establish Candyman’s existence, Bernadette and Helen visit Cabrini Green, the scene of two unsolved killings, where the locals accuse Candyman of the crimes.

10. Vampire In Brooklyn (1992)

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Director- Wes Craven

Maximillian is the lone survivor of a race of vampires on an island in the Caribbean, and as a vampire, he needs to find a mate to prevent the line from dying. He seeks for the woman in Brooklyn after learning that a child had been born to a woman who had a vampire father. That woman was Rita’s mother, who passed away in an asylum, and Rita now experiences strange nightmares. Max pursues her while being unaware that she is partially a vampire and tries to lead her to her bloodsucking fate. Justice, Rita’s partner, has affections for her despite the unusual dreams and behaviours she exhibits, and she does not want Rita to be associated with this unknown Max. Rita, however, is the one who must choose her fate.

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