Christopher Nolan is a mind-bending cinematic genius who has become regarded as a visionary filmmaker and writer whose every release can be describe as “the return of the blockbuster”. Nolan puts his heart and soul into every one of his films, especially the plot, which he infuses with scientific theories and twists in ways that spectators can understand. The films listed below are either directed by Nolan or in which he played a significant role in the scripting. There will undoubtedly be spoilers as we go into the creative process and beauty of Nolan’s films, so be warn.

1. The Dark Knight (2008)

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Cast- Christian Bale, Heath Ledger, Gary Oldman

One year after the events of Batman Begins (2008), Batman, Lieutenant James Gordon, and District Attorney Harvey Dent prepare to take on the mob by arresting Lau, the syndicate’s dirty accountant. Batman kidnaps Lau from his building and throws him in jail. Lau reveals the truths, resulting in the imprisonment of nearly all of the crime bosses. The Joker, a violent madman with green hair, fully yellow teeth, and a special purple costume. He gets enlist by the desperate crime bosses. The Joker assassinates a judge and the Police Commissioner, as well as attempting to assassinate the Mayor and Harvey. The Joker’s actions cause turmoil and chaos in Gotham, forcing Batman to confront what may appear to be his biggest challenge in fighting injustice and approaching the narrow line between hero and vigilante.

IMDb Rating- 9.0

2. Inception (2010)

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Cast- Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Tom Hardy

Dom Cobb is a master thief, the best in the deadly art of extraction, snatching important information from deep within the subconscious during the dream state. When the mind is most vulnerable. Cobb’s exceptional ability has made him a sought-after participant in this perilous new world of corporate espionage. However, it has also turned him into a worldwide fugitive and cost him everything he has ever valued. Cobb has now been given a second opportunity.

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Only one more job, conception, can restore his life. Cobb and his team of experts are task with doing the exact opposite of the perfect heist. They are to plant an idea rather than steal one. It may be the ideal crime if they succeed. However, no amount of meticulous planning or knowledge will be enough to prepare the team for the hazardous enemy who appears to anticipate their every move. Cobb was the only one who saw the enemy coming.

IMDb Rating- 8.8

3. Interstellar (2014)

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Cast- Matthew McConaughey, Anna Hathaway, Jessica Chastain

Cooper, an ex-science engineer and pilot, is tethered to his farming land with his daughter Murph and son Tom in the near future in the American Midwest. As violent sandstorms destroy Earth’s crops, the people of Earth understand that their time here is drawing to an end as food becomes scarce. Cooper is asked to go on a daring trip with a few other scientists through a wormhole after stumbling onto an N.A.S.A. base near his home because of his scientific intellect and ability to control aircraft unlike the other crew members. Cooper must choose between staying on Earth and risking never seeing his children in order to save the human race by finding another livable planet while Earth decays.

IMDb Rating- 8.6

4. The Prestige (2006)

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Cast- Christian Bale, Hugh Jackman, Michael Cane

Robert Angier, his beloved wife Julia McCullough, and Alfred Borden are friends and assistants of a magician in London at the close of the nineteenth century. When Julia dies by accident during a performance, Robert holds Alfred responsible, and the two become adversaries. Both become famous and rival magicians, ruining the other’s stage act. When Alfred pulls off a successful trick, Robert gets obsess with uncovering his competitor’s secret, which has tragic results.

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IMDb Rating- 8.5

5. The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

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Cast- Christian Bale, Anna Hathaway, Tom Hardy

Gotham has reached a period of tranquilly eight years after the events of The Dark Knight (2008). This is because Batman was held responsible for the murder of Harvey Dent. However, a new evil force known as Bane has come in Gotham with the intent of taking over the city and revealing the truth about who Harvey Dent was. Bruce Wayne has grown virtually reclusive now that Wayne Manor gets completely renovate, seldom leaving the estate. And, as a result of Bane’s forcible takeover of the city, Batman is force to return from retirement. However, he has few allies.

IMDb Rating- 8.4

6. Memento (2000)

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Cast- Guy Pearce, Carrie-Anne Moss, Joe Pantoliano

Leonard is an insurance investigator who has lost his memory due to a head injury he got after intervening in his wife’s murder. His quality of life has been significantly harmed as a result of this incident, and he can now only make sense of things by tattooing notes on himself and photographing them with a Polaroid camera. The film is told via flashbacks of future events to compensate for his shaky memory, as he has encounters with a diverse cast of characters. Leonard is desperate for vengeance for his wife’s murder, but as several others point out, it may be pointless if he won’t remember it.

IMDb Rating- 8.4

7. Batman Begins (2005)

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Cast- Christian Bale, Cillian Murphy, Michael Caine

After the murder of his parents while he was a child, Bruce Wayne relocates to Asia and trains with his instructors, Henri Ducard and Ra’s Al Ghul, to fight injustice. He returns to a crime-ridden Gotham, and with the help of his former butler and estate caretaker, Alfred, and Lucius Fox, the C.E.O. of Wayne Enterprises Applied Science Division, he adopts the new persona of Batman to terrorise the criminals and corrupt. Bruce is able to take down the Mafia Don Falcone and the deranged doctor/drug dealer Jonathan Crane a.k.a. The Scarecrow with the help of rising detective Gordon, the Assistant District Attorney, and Bruce’s love interest Rachel Dawes. With the reappearance of Ra’s Al Ghul and his terrible goal to ruin Gotham by instilling terror in the hearts of the people, Batman must once again overcome his mentor in order to restore peace to the city.

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IMDb Rating- 8.2

8. Dunkirk (2017)

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Cast- Harry Styles, Cillian Murphy, Fionn Whitehead

May/June 1940. In the French port town of Dunkirk, 400,000 British and French soldiers are holed up. The only way out is by water, and the Germans have overwhelming air power, hitting British soldiers and ships with no resistance. The situation appears to be bad, so Britain dispatches civilian boats, in addition to its already overburdened Navy, to try to evacuate the besieged forces. This is the narrative of one of the besieged forces, two Royal Air Force fighter pilots, and a group of civilians on their boat, which was part of the evacuation fleet.

IMDb Rating- 7.8

9. Following (1998)

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Cast- Jeremy Theobald, John Nolan, Lusy Russell

Bill tells a story about being a naive writer who enjoys following and studying strangers about London. Bill gets confront one day by a swaggering, self-assured man he has been following. Cobb is a thief who takes Bill under his wing and teaches him how to burgle. They break into a woman’s apartment, and Bill is drawn to her. He tracks her down and strikes up a conversation with her at a pub run by her ex-boyfriend, a scumbag who murdered someone in her home room with a hammer. Bill soon offers to help her out by breaking into her house.

IMDb Rating- 7.5

10. Tenet (2020)

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Cast- Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki, John David Washington

After a near-death experience, an anonymous CIA agent known as the Protagonist is chosen to join the ranks of Tenet, a shadowy government agency dedicated with preserving the human race’s existence. The Protagonist pairs up with his cryptic new companion, Neil, to deal with a terrible, cutting-edge technology and an impending attack from the future. However, this is a race against time, and as the invisible threat’s stifling clutch tightens, our world’s future hangs on a thread more and more.

IMDb Rating- 7.3