The actor nonchalantly announced the sequel in a workout post

You might have seen so many ways that makers and actors use to announce their new movie. But I haven’t seen someone announcing a sequel to one of the biggest movies of recent years this nonchalantly. Chris Hemsworth just posted a workout video on Instagram and in the caption stated that he is getting ready for “Extraction 2”. Now, I don’t know about you but Chris really dropped the title like it is nothing. But we all know how much the movie meant to him after seeing his workout routine only. He is giving it his blood and sweat. Gone are the days of fat and bulky Thor.

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Chris looked extremely lean in the latest video stating that the action scene in the sequel might surpass the first one as well. In reality, the sequel for Extraction was green-lit back in May 2020 only. And Chris has been working so hard since then only. The production took a toll due to Coronavirus but it looks like everything is back in control now.

The workout that Chris was doing seems really tiring for someone like us. But he was doing it pretty well. The workout starts with a 3-minute boxing session serving as his introductory cardio. And then comes the main part where he trains the whole body through various high-intensity workouts. And he does that 4 times with only 2 minutes of rest in between. So many actors were praising him for his works in the comment section.

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Chris Hemsworth Training For Extraction Sequel

What Can We Expect From Extraction 2?

The thing is, Chris might have announced the movie through this workout video, but it doesn’t give us any insight into the movie as of now. Other than that the movie will be full of action we know nothing. Sam Hargrave will direct the movie once again, and he is working closely alongside Joe Russo. Joe Russo penned down the first part of the movie as well. Both of them are trying to make something fun and inventive that we haven’t seen before. Hargrave knows that so many sequels fail to up the ante of their predecessors and fails. And that is why he and Russo are trying everything to make it work.

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“It is the difficult thing, right? But the beauty of all these different, great action films is they challenge filmmakers — myself included — to raise the bar. Like, how are we going to raise the bar when there’s a lot of movies that have come out. Even since Extraction, a lot of movies have come out and been pushing the envelope and we gotta push back. We gotta keep elevating the level of action.”

Sam Hargrave

Extraction 2: Release Date

Nothing is set as of now. The reality is that even the shooting hasn’t started yet. The shooting was supposed to start by now. But the production suffered because of the COVID-19 pandemic obviously. It had to the movie from Australia to the Czech Republic.

Extraction was the most-watched Netflix movie when it was released. And Hargrave and Russo know that. That is exactly why they want to make it a franchise rather than a standalone movie. And I have no problem with it. We haven’t got many pure action movies in recent times. And Extraction was one of the few. So, if we get more of the movie, I am All In.

Even if the shooting starts right now, it will take time to finish it. So, expect a release date of late 2022 or early 2023. We will update you as soon as we will get some information regarding it.