The plot of the movie revolves around an assassin Bob Biswas who encounters an accident and goes into a coma. On coming out of the coma he realizes he lost his memory. He tries to recover for a very long time while dealing with various curiosities and dilemmas regarding his past.


Bob Biswas, the character is a thread or a part of the movie “Kahani”. Saswata Chatterjee played Bob Biswas in that movie and became the fan-favorite with his acting skills. Although his role wasn’t that long in that movie. Although, he actually lived that role and set a different level for anyone playing Bob Biswas. There were a lot of doubts over the starring of Abhishek Bachchan in the lead role. Although, he did an excellent job and displayed another evolving side of acting. He played Bob Biswas in a different way than Saswata and still was worth watching every minute.

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The story was a slow-paced thriller so you can feel the lag in the story and sometimes feel it stretching. But, it still manages to come out as an engaging thriller. Chitrangada Singh got plenty of screen time and didn’t live up to the expectations. Diya Ghosh, daughter of Sujoy Ghosh did a decent job in her debut film. She can surely look up to her father who is an expert in the thriller genre. The script and the dialogues of the movie could’ve been more powerful. The film could’ve more focused on how bob became bob and his psychological aspect. The writing could’ve been better and good background music would have definitely made it an exceptional movie.

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one can find Bob Biswas engaging and interesting and worthy of the one-time watch. Albeit, if one goes with the expectations of finding the same momentum as built-in Kahani would feel disappointed.