Black Widow Review, Black Widow focused on storyline rather than CGI and it is good.

Black Widow Review, Black Widow just came out yesterday and it showed us why she was such an important character in the Marvel universe. People say that Black Widow is boring and this movie is the perfect reply to all those fans. The complexity and layers that both Natasha and Black Widow provide as characters is just brilliant. And no other character can match that.

Black Widow Review

Black Widow Review should have gotten her own movie so much earlier. But, better late than never. And when the movie is this good, it just makes you happy. MCU once again showed that they are capable of making a serious movie. And they should do this more often without any doubt. There is a reason why their best movies include superheroes with no powers.

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The movie starts in Ohio in the 90s. Yes, we are starting with a flashback. We get to see young Natasha for the first time. A brave girl who has dead look in her eyes. After that, the scene cuts into Captain America: Civil War, where Natasha is a fugitive once again and is on a run.

The plot is simple and it was for the best. Black Widow Review constantly jumps into flashbacks and the current time and it is such a good aesthetic.

The movie also shifts its focus to Natasha’s sister Yelena and her arc is absolutely beautiful. I really liked the story that Black Widow Review told us. It is a shame that CGI really affected the movie in a bad way.

Black Widow: Positives


As I said, the cast of the movie absolutely stole the show. Every actor understood their role and made it work. Florence Pugh and Rachel Weisz also did a brilliant job here. It will be nice to see Florence in future Marvel movies as indicated by the End Credit scene. And David Harbour is the best thing about Black Widow and their is absolutely no doubt about it. He carried the movie on its back completely. He made Black Widow so much better than it actually is.

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The action was the second best thing about movie after David Harbour. The action scene between Taskmaster and Natasha was brilliant. I absolutely loved that scene. One of the best action scene in MCU ever. This is the brilliance of movie featuring superheroes with no powers. The action scenes are just brilliant in these kinds of movies.


The dialogues were brilliant in Black Widow. Usually, MCU movies never feature strong dialogues. The last MCU movie which really had really strong dialogues was Age Of Ultron. And because of that Black Widow seems like a huge deal. Especially between Natasha and Yelena.

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Black Widow: Negatives

Released Too Late

As I said, this movie was released way too late. If it was released right after Civil War, it could have been so much better. It might seem like a very small problem, but it is not. Marvel’s problem of never acknowledging their female superheroes until they become non-negligible is so bad for everyone.


The CGI of the movie was really bad. It completely sucked. There are literal shots that looked like they are straight out of a CW show. The biggest problem is that they had two years to prepare for it. And even after two years they didn’t fix it. And that makes it so much worse.

Is It Worth It?

Even after all the bad things I really liked the movie. The performances were fantastic. Yelena arc was one of the best arc I have ever seen in a MCU movie. The story kind of felt like Captain America: The Winter Soldier and I am not complaining about it. I will really miss Natasha once she is gone after this Black Widow Review movie.