In comparison to A Trip to the Moon from 1902, science fiction movies have advanced significantly. The genre as a whole has always been in demand, even though different subgenres have come and gone in prominence. The number of science fiction movies available each year has increased a century later. Looking back at last year, this is especially true. The top 10 science fiction films of 2021 are listed below. Grandiose blockbusters and high concept independent favourites both made it into the competition.

1. I’m Your Man

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Director- Maria Schrader

Alma is a frank German archaeologist who works in a Berlin museum. She spends most of her time working and has no boyfriend. But she agrees to take part in an odd study. In order to please her boss and perhaps secure some funds for her studies. She will live with a charming man for three weeks and produce a report on her observations.

2. Dune (2021)

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Director-  Denis Villeneuve

Year 10191. Duke Leto of the illustrious House Atreides and his family journey to the perilous exoplanet. After being summon by the emperor to take over the management of the dry, hostile planet Arrakis. The only source of Spice, the sacred hallucinogen. But Paul Atreides, the duke’s talented son, is there, plagued by cryptic visions. He is stuck between two worlds as the hideous Baron Vladimir of the vicious House Harkonnen plots retaliation. The road to legend now travels far into the desert.

3. Little Fish (2005)

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Director- Chad Hartigan

The manager of a video store in Sydney, Tracey Heart, is 32 years old and a four-year heroin-free recovery success story. She is trying to fund $40,000 to buy a computer game store next to the rental and become the boss’s partner. But the banks are refusing to give her the loan because of her poor credit history. Lionel Dawson, her stepfather who is an addict, is care for by Tracey. He makes vain attempts to get him to give up heroin. Janelle, Tracey’s mother, gets worry about Tracey falling when her ex-boyfriend Jonny gets back from Vancouver. She accuses Jonny of being responsible for her son Ray’s limb loss in the automobile accident.

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4. Lapsis

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Director- Judith C. Posey

Deliverer Ray Tincelli is having a hard time making ends meet while also caring for his sick younger brother. After a string of fruitless swindles and two-bit hustles, Ray decides to work in a peculiar new gig economy sector. It involves walking through miles of woodland to pull cable to connect massive metal cubes that make up the new quantum trading market. He must decide whether to aid his coworkers or pursue financial success. So he may leave the zone as he gets drag deeper into it. Hence, facing increasing animosity and the prospect of robot cablers.

5. A Quiet Place Part II

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Director-  John Krasinski

The bereaved Evelyn Abbott discovers herself alone with two young teenagers, a defenceless newborn son, and no place to hide as a result of her recent discovery of the seemingly invulnerable creatures’ weakness. The Abbott family musters all of their courage to leave their now-burned-to-the-ground farm and set out on a perilous journey to reach civilization now, 474 days after the all-out alien onslaught in the 2018 film A Quiet Place. The tenacious survivors have to travel into eerily calm, inhospitable country in the hopes of a miracle. Since they are determine to spread beyond the bounds and have no other alternative but to do so. The enemy, though, is everywhere this time.

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6. The Matrix Resurrection

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Director-  Lana Wachowski

The Matrix (1999) video game series award-winning creator Thomas Anderson, who is burnt out and suffering from palpable delusions, now relies on strong blue tablets to quell his inner demons. Then Thomas sees Tiffany, a familiar-looking perfect stranger triggering weird feelings, and his already precarious mental state begins to deteriorate amid mysterious, reality-defying visions. Mr. Anderson, who is once again on the verge of depression and yearns for an explanation, gets face with a difficult option. One way or another, blissful ignorance ensures the appearance of safety. On the other side, the unfathomable truth of reality can only indicate that the intricate Matrix is more complex than can be imagined. Thomas, though, seems to already be aware of what must be done.

7. Oxygen

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Director-  Alexandre Aja

Liz Hansen awakens from a state of deep hypnosis in an air-sealed cryogenic chamber the size of a coffin, with no memory of how she got there. She must maintain composure as the oxygen supplies are steadily running out in order to piece together her jumbled memories and reassemble her muddled identity with the aid of M.I.L.O., the cutting-edge A.I. in the pod. Liz is unable to move, cannot escape, and has a limited oxygen supply of just 90 minutes.

8. Stowaway

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Director- Joe Penna

The hand-selected, exceptionally skilled crew of astronauts, including Commander Marina Barnett, biologist David Kim, and medical researcher Zoe Levenson, launch from Earth on a two-year scientific mission to the faraway planet Mars. The crew is not, however, acting alone in their quest to make the celestial body habitable and locate a potential new home for humanity. Now that the flight has passed the critical point of no return and its fuel and oxygen supplies are running low, Marina makes the startling discovery of Michael Adams, the fourth passenger who was hidden, unconscious, and injured. Suddenly, breathing becomes the most important concern, and someone must die despite being presented with a painful moral conundrum.

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9. Come True

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Director- Anthony Scott Burns

Sarah, a high school student, is at her lowest point when she leaves home and ends up alone, battling with reoccurring nightmares, and without anybody to turn to. She stumbles across a university sleep research that promises security and financial gain and introduces her to the supervising scientist Jeremy, who becomes an unexpected confidant and companion. However, there is something odd going on, and Sarah’s unsettling dreams appear to get worse when she is being watched. It soon becomes obvious that Sarah has unintentionally become the gateway to a terrifying new discovery as the darkness closes in.

10. Free Guy

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Director- Shawn Levy

Guy, a single bank teller who exudes optimism and enthusiasm, has spent practically his whole boring life wishing he were one of the stylish guys wearing sunglasses—those who run his town. But then, one day, Guy meets mysterious Millie, the woman of his dreams, by coincidence, and suddenly, he’s on the verge of learning something that will change his life forever. Guy only needs to take charge of his life, one step at a time, in order to win her heart at this point. Then, out of nowhere, Millie makes the decision to reveal a shocking fact.