Keke Palmer and Oscar winner Daniel Kaluuya are the stars of Nope. The movie will feature elements of science fiction, horror, and a good deal of Jordan Peele’s humorous sensibilities. Many people are looking forward to seeing how director Jordan Peele will celebrate and spoof various horror cliches while also making social commentary in the film. The only thing you can truly infer from the teaser is that there are extraterrestrial visitors and allusions to American film history. A nice list of films to see that are comparable to or nearby to Nope is provided below. Keep this in mind as you wait for another masterpiece from Jordan Peele.

1. Close Encounters Of The Third Kind (1997)

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Director- Steven Spielberg

Cableman Roy Neary is one of many individuals who saw UFOs flying through the night sky and has a first-person close encounter. As a result, his marriage suffers greatly as he is concerned with understanding the meaning of the mountain-like vision that has been haunting him for some time. Government officials discover tangible proof of extraterrestrial visits in the form of military vehicles that vanished decades ago. But then reappeared in the middle of nowhere. This second type of close encounter is happening while government officials around the world experience the first. In order to go to the location of their third-kind close encounter—contact—Roy and the agents must both follow the hints they have been provided.

2. Alien (1979)

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Director- Ridley Scott

Mother, a cutting-edge AI supercomputer onboard the USCSS Nostromo, a commercial towing vessel. It receives a potential distress call from the nearby desolate, hostile moon Acheron. It awakens the crew of seven from cryosleep. This occurs in the depths of the frigid, endless space. As they descend to the dark celestial planet known as LV-426 to examine the odd communication, Captain Arthur Dallas, Executive Officer Thomas Kane, and Navigator Joan Lambert find a downed. But largely intact extraterrestrial spacecraft and its peculiar cargo. But was this mysterious communication really a last-ditch SOS, or was it just a warning? Regardless, something else has entered the Nostromo, and as a result, its silent, dark halls will never again be secure.


3. District 9 (2009)

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Director-  Neill Blomkamp

A huge starship known as “The Prawns,” carrying a decrepit alien populace, appeared over Johannesburg, South Africa, in 1982. The first reception by the human population has diminished 28 years later. The refugee camp where the aliens were housed has degenerated into District 9. It’s a militarised ghetto where they are imprisoned and exploited in misery. Wikus van der Merwe is an agent for the weapons company Multi-National United. He is given the task of evicting the populace by force in 2010. Wikus must rely on the assistance of his only two new “Prawn” companions. When he is exposed to an odd alien toxin during this mission.

4. Men In Black (1997)

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Director- Barry Sonnenfeld

Numerous extraterrestrial refugees of different colours and sizes dwell peacefully with the people of Manhattan. While living covertly on our world in human form. However, the rebellious, evil ones are held in check by the covert government agency known as the Men in Black. As a result, when a visitor from another planet plans a plot to rule the galaxy, the seasoned Agent K and the agency’s newest hire, Agent J, will soon have their work cut out for them.

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5. Contact (1997)

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Director- Robert Zemeckis

Dr. Ellie Arroway is a renowned astronomer. She adopts a new perspective on whether life exists beyond of Earth’s constrained confines after completely losing trust in God. In light of these conditions, Dr. Ellie really hopes that one day she will be able to support her admirable ambitions by discovering evidence of extraterrestrial life. She is an active member of a committed scientific team working with radio waves. Unexpectedly, her faith and perseverance are rewarded with a coded communication from outer space. It contains the instructions for a perplexing contraption.

6. 10 Cloverfield Lane (2016)

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Director- Dan Trachtenberg

After fleeing a failing relationship and her birthplace of New Orleans, Michelle, a young hopeful designer, is struck by a huge truck and loses consciousness. When she awakens, she discovers that she is strangely tied to the cinder-block wall of mysterious Howard’s underground bunker. The elderly survivalist claims that in addition to saving Michelle from the obvious vehicle accident, he also did so from an unidentifiable airborne chemical menace that had made the ground uninhabitable and the air unbreathable.

7. Arrival (2016)

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Director- Denis Villeneuve

One of twelve menacing alien pods stops moving and hovers just a few feet above the lush plains in Montana’s bright skies, during an extraordinary worldwide incidence of simultaneous first contact with extraterrestrial life. Colonel G.T. Weber assembles a group of specialists, including renowned linguist and dialectologist Professor Dr. Louise Banks and theoretical physicist Dr. Ian Donnelly, and assigns them the impossible task of deciphering a coded conversation with the extraterrestrial visitors as panic naturally sets in.

8. Signs (2002)

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Director- M. Night Shyamalan

After his wife was killed in a horrible car accident, Graham Hess, a former Episcopal priest, lost his faith and withdrew to a rural farm in Pennsylvania where he now lives with his two young daughters and younger brother. When inexplicable crop-circle formations start to grow in his field six months later and the same circular patterns start to appear all over the world, a palpable sense of dread begins to spread among the family. Grief, denial, and paranoia combine more frequently when similar inexplicable events take place, creating a highly explosive cocktail.

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9. Independence Day (1996)

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Director- Roland Emmerich

A countless spaceship flotilla led by a hostile and highly developed alien life form emerges from the frigid and completely black depths of the universe as a silent, sneaky threat that invades the solar system, brushes against the Moon, and breaches the Earth’s atmosphere. The end of the human race is imminent, and what’s even more definite is that we, the helpless and unprepared people of Earth, are completely defenceless as the extraterrestrial enemy’s unstoppable flying saucers wreak devastation on our world from end to end murdering millions. We had had a dream about interacting with faraway celestial beings. The President of the United States must make a valiant last fight against the enemy on a critical Fourth of July, now that the all-powerful invaders have taken control of our globe, along with a small group of good men crazy enough to stand up for all of humanity.

10. Under The Skin (2013)

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Director- Jonathan Glazer

A young woman in Scotland searches the roads and streets for the human prey she came to loot as an alien creature possesses her earthly form. She lures her lonely and abandoned male prey into an ethereal realm where they are stripped and devoured. The alien visitor, however, starts to alter as a result of existence in all its complexity. With terrible and terrifying results, she starts to realise that she is a person.