The Drama season is here, and we are ready for it!!

Best K-Dramas On Netflix: K-Dramas are rising in popularity nowadays, which is good news for everyone. Previously, people used to discard K-Dramas by saying that they are cringe and cheesy. But the mindset is changing.

As Netflix is adding more K-Dramas to their catalog, people are also watching them. And as a result, K-Dramas are constantly featured in the TOP 10 shows list by Netflix. And that is the best.

But if you are new to K-Drama, you might have trouble starting your journey. But we have got you sorted. We have prepared a list of the 10 Best K-Dramas On Netflix that you can watch. These are some of the best K-Drama that you can find anywhere.

Law School

Let’s start the list with a slightly new series that is just amazing. Law School came out in 2020 and became a hit overnight. The series focuses on homicide in Hankuk University Law School. This series has something that other Korean Dramas lack so much, a killer instinct.

It is like ‘How To Get Away With Murder,’ and you won’t get that kind of vibe from many K-Dramas. There is a sense of urgency in this show. If they can’t catch the culprit, everything will be lost. This feeling runs throughout the series.

Also, the best thing is that so many sub-plots are happening with the primary plot. Also, none of the plots indeed eclipsed the principal one. That is the most ideal sort of story. It is one of the most mind-blowing Korean Dramas on Netflix Right Now, and you ought to watch it.

Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha

I don’t know why Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha had such a profound effect on me. Even after the show’s end, I had to take some time to process the show. Don’t get me wrong; this show has every K-Drama trope you can ask for.

Every character has a backstory that will make you connect with the show. But I had no idea these tropes would affect me this deeply. It is the exact reason why this show was not only the best K-Drama but also constantly ranked in the top 10 charts.

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The show very much reminded me of an anime called Mushishi. This show will start as a simple rom-com but will be the best thing you have ever watched. And that is saying something. Definitely, a must-watch drama.

All of Us Are Dead

All of Us Are Dead is one of the best modern-day tragical shows. The announcement teaser of the second season broke almost every record known as a K-Drama. It won’t be wrong to say that All Of Us Are Dead is the only show that will come close to rivaling the popularity of Squid Games.

The only bad thing about the show is the length of the show. It is 12 episodes long which could have been trimmed down to 9-10. But other than the pacing issue, there is nothing wrong with the show.

And with the second season just announced, it is the perfect time to start the show. So, you can simmer down everything you need to know before the arrival of next season.

Squid Game

We couldn’t have made this list without the most popular K-Drama right now. Squid Game is not a masterpiece, but it is undoubtedly a good thriller drama you should watch. It is a ride that you would like to get on.

Yes, there are lots of loopholes and dumb moments in the show. But the way the show is filmed, you can forget all that and just enjoy the show. And don’t try and think too much before watching the show.

Crash Landing on You

You won’t be wrong to say that K-Dramas are the best for these types of shows. Shows will make you feel warm and fuzzy inside and give you a reason to believe in those cheesy romantic stories that you adore.

The over-the-head stupid plot turns out for the better of the show. For my purposes, it is the Best heartfelt Korean show on Netflix. If you haven’t watched it yet, I enthusiastically prescribe you to watch it.

Crash Landing On You should be a course on how to make an excellent romantic show. It is one of the best K-Dramas on Netflix, and there is no doubt about it.

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Accidentally In Love

I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I started the show, but I am glad I started it. It is one of the best romantic shows that have next to no problems. Everything is near perfect from start to finish.

Typically, K-Drama walks on a very fine line between being cringy compared to cute. But Accidentally In Love smashed homerun in that area. It walks on that line with no problem and does not turn out to be cringy even in one scene.

It is adorable, and you will become hopelessly in love with the show. It is undoubtedly one of the best K-Dramas on Netflix Right Now. The ending was a little stupid, but by that point, you were completely immersed in the show and it did not make much difference.


Many fans have said that this show is similar to Silicon Valley. And they are not wrong, as this show poses many similarities to Silicon Valley. And there is no problem with that because it is so much different than Silicon Valley regarding the main plot.

Start-Up is only a Romantic Comedy show. K-Dramas and their obsession with making everything romantic are on the next level. And I love them because of that only. Start-Up might as well be one of the most unique romantic K-Drama you will ever watch.

And the main reason is the satire that the show possesses. The strength of a Start-Up is the ability to joke about the K-Drama industry and be funny. A must-watch if you are looking for a Satirical romantic show.

Memories of the Alhambra

It might be the only series in the list that is shot out of Korea entirely. Recollections of the Alhambra are shot in Spain, which looks so beautiful. One of the most beautiful-looking K-Drama you will ever watch, which is an understatement.

Every frame in this show is beautiful. You will watch this show again and again just because of how good-looking this show is. And the best thing is the contrast between the shots and the emotions conveyed is so pure and beautiful that you will fall in love with the series.

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That does not mean that the screenplay or story of the show is weak in any sense. Memories Of the Alhambra is one of the best-constructed web series you will ever watch. But yes, it is on this list because of the cinematography.


Get ready to cry after watching this show because this show will make you cry. It is one of the most beautiful and emotional shows in terms of screenplay. It is not a romantic show but a very emotional show that deals with the harsh reality of the world.

The show revolves around a 70-year-old retired postal worker and a 23-year-old man. After his retirement, the man tries to live his dream of being a ballet dancer. And the young man decides to help him.

However, there are countless issues in his way. He is old as well as experiencing Alzheimer’s illness. You will cry, laugh, and get angry while watching the show. You will feel exactly what the makers want you to feel, and that is the best kind of show.


Kingdom was supposed to leave Netflix in 2021, but it did not. And I am thankful to everyone for that. Because this might be my personal favorite show on the list. The fact also goes on because I am biased towards anime adaptations, which is a perfect example.

The show might be a little too fast for your liking, but that is the only reason the show worked so well. The fast pace of the show does not lets you settle down even for a single second. And the way it takes turns into a horror show is just the cherry on the top.

The kingdom is not only one of the best K-Dramas on Netflix but also one of the best shows on the platform. It is a shame that the fans do not recognize a gem like this.

Best K-Dramas On Netflix

Here is our list of the 10 best K-Drama on Netflix that you should watch now. Do you know of any other show that we might have missed? Let us know down below. And keep following us for more lists like these and the latest movie reviews and news.