He’s never fit into a single star category. In contrast to some of his contemporaries, Jeff Bridges’ skills have only grown more varied and impressive as he has gotten older. He is a talented actor who doesn’t mind appearing in strange comedies and genre movies. In the FX drama series The Old Man, Bridges is now providing one of his best performances of his career. Check out some of his best work below if you want to catch up on some of his best career-spanning work.

1. Duane Jackon in The Last Picture Show (1971)

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Director- Peter Bogdanovich

Sonny and Duane, best buddies in high school, reside in a Texas town that is closing down. While Sonny is having an affair with the coach’s wife, Ruth, the dashing Duane is dating the attractive local Jacy. Both brothers think about their futures as graduation draws near. Each boy is trying to determine whether he can leave this hopeless town. In order to start over somewhere better as Duane considers joining the army and Sonny takes over a local business.

2. Ernie in Fat City (1972)

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Director- John Huston

After sparring with a teenager name Ernie at a gym, retired fighter Tully is motivate to pursue boxing again after realising that Ernie has promise. Ernie experiences his own struggles while Tully struggles with his past troubles, particularly his alcoholism. Ernie is able to ignore his own issues as he enters the ring. Despite being coerce into marriage and an unexpected fatherhood by his lover. As the fights between the two combatants progress, Tully’s star dims as Ernie’s rises.

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3. Lightfoot in Thunderbolt and Lightfoot (1974)

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Director- Michael Cimino

Free-spirited vagabond Lightfoot encounters renowned thief Thunderbolt while robbing a car while attempting to flee on his own. After they plundered a bank vault in Montana several years ago, Thunderbolt’s former criminal colleagues Red and Eddie think he betrayed them. Lightfoot gathers them as a group to heist the same bank once more after Thunderbolt successfully argues his innocence and gets off the hook.

4. Kevin Flynn in Tron (1982)

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Director- Steven Lisberger

Kevin Flynn, a creative computer engineer, is marginalise, his labour stolen from the ruthless boss Ed Dillinger. He gets sack from the powerful ENCOM firm. He has no choice but to use his free time to gather proof of theft. Flynn’s digitise alter ego will unintentionally find himself transfer into an other electronic reality. There, oppress small-scale programmes are compel to compete with each other. Or face extinction up against an ever-watching master control programme, the MCP.

5. Starman in Starman (1984)

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Director- John Carpenter

The Voyager 2 departs from Earth in 1977 with greetings and messages of peace. A small alien spaceship approaches the planet in an attempt to contact humans, but military aircraft shoot it down. The alien steals the DNA from a hair from the young widow Jenny Hayden’s husband Scott to assume his human form after the alien’s spacecraft crashes in Chequamegon Bay, Wisconsin. The Starman makes communication with his mother ship and is told that he must be in the Arizona crater in a few days in order to return to his star; if not, he will be left behind and perish.

6. Preston Tucker in Tucker: The Man and His Dream (1988)

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Director- Francis Ford Coppola

Since he was a young child, inventor Preston Tucker has been fascinate with cars, and in the 1930s he forms his first fruitful auto design collaboration and creates a successful gun turret for use in World War II. With those accomplishments under his belt, Tucker is motivated to build the Tucker Torpedo, a futuristic car for the masses. He is compel to defend his dream and integrity in court as his dreams are thwart by Detroit’s automakers, production issues, and stock fraud allegations.

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7. Jack Lucas in The Fisher King (1991)

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Director- Terry Gilliam

After shock jock Jack Lucas unintentionally incites a caller to murder a number of innocent bystanders in a Manhattan bar, he becomes sad and starts drinking. A homeless man named Parry, whose wife gets murder by the caller Lucas push to the brink, encounters Lucas as he is ready to reach his breaking point. Parry spends his days looking for the Holy Grail since his loss has left him mentally wounded. Due to his guilt over the man’s situation, Lucas offers to assist him in his search.

8. The Dude in The Big Lebowski (1998)

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Director- Coen Brothers

Jeffrey Lebowski is the name of two different men. One is a lazy hippy who likes to smoke pot and drink White Russians. He goes by the moniker “the dude.” The other is a disabled multimillionaire who made his fortune on his own. He lives in a mansion with a full-time assistant. The millionaire’s trophy wife owes a known pornographer money, and she is being detained in lieu of getting his money back when their paths cross. As a result of not knowing the man had the same name, the goons hired by the pornographer initially confront the man. The man hunts out the rich Lebowski in an effort to exact revenge for his now-destroyed rug. The subsequent events send the guy and his bowling companions Walter and Donnie on a mission filled with mystery, kidnapping, pornography, nihilists, and White Russians and more White Russians.

9. Bad Blake in Crazy Heart (2009)

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Director- Scott Cooper

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Former country music legend Bad Blake is now relegated to performing in dive bars and bowling alleys after too many years of foggy days and drunken nights. Blake meets Jean Craddock, a sympathetic reporter who has come to do a story on him, while in town for his most recent work. The singer finds himself at a crossroads that could endanger his final chance at happiness as he unexpectedly warms to her and a romance starts.

10. Sheriff Rooster Cogburn in True Grit (2010)

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Director- Coen Brothers

1870 Arkansas’s Fort Smith. After witnessing her father’s death at the hands of a treacherous serpent she had previously trusted, tenacious fourteen-year-old Mattie Ross offers the nasty, one-eyed U.S. Marshal Rooster Cogburn a bounty in exchange for finding her father’s killer. The strange three forms a hesitant team and sets out on a perilous expedition deep inside the dangerous Indian Territory to find the murderer while Texas Ranger LaBoeuf, an exceptional shot, joins in. The chances are against them and a female is not suited for the untamed outdoors. Now, just getting revenge counts.

11. Marcus Hamilton in Hell or High Water (2016)

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Director-  David Mackenzie

In order to raise money after their mother has passed away and in the face of the family’s West Texas farmland’s impending foreclosure, brothers Tanner and Toby Howard, a hardened ex-con and divorced father, come up with a rashly audacious plan. As a result, the desperate pair will go on a crime rampage and target the Texas Midland bank’s small-town branches thanks to a carefully thought-out plot by the gang’s leader, Toby. However, the unyielding Texas Ranger Marcus Hamilton and his devoted deputy, the half-Comanche Alberto Parker, who are patiently waiting for even the tiniest misstep to take them down, track the Howard brothers down. Unexpected consequences will eventually result from the two opposing spouses coming together in a head-on collision amid the arid and sun-baked environment of West Texas.