Games are far more important in the horror genre because winning can mean avoiding death at the hands of a terrifying antagonist or supernatural force. Redditors are recommending horror movies that revolve around playing dangerous and horrific games, from hide and seek played on a wedding night to a movie that centres on the age-old game truth or dare.

1. Truth Or Dare (2018)

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Director- Jeff Wadlow

Brad Chang, Penelope Amari, and her boyfriend Tyson Curran travel to Rosarito, Mexico with Olivia Barron. Along with her closest friend Markie Cameron, and Markie’s boyfriend Lucas Moreno. In Mexico, Olivia meets fellow student Ronnie, who starts to bully her until a man steps in to defend her. She and her friends eventually agree to meet him for drinks at the missionary ruins. That’s when the man, who introduces himself as Carter, persuades them to do so. There, Carter challenges Olivia, her friends, and Ronnie, who had followed the group, to a game of Truth or Dare.

The game finally comes to a conclusion. When Carter admits that he tricked Olivia into accepting the mission to represent him in the supernatural game of Truth or Dare by offering it to her and her pals. Carter tells Olivia as he departs that the game will pursue them and that they must submit to it.

2. You’re Next (2011)

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Director- Adam Wingard

Upper-class family the Davisons are incredibly wealthy yet alienate. Aubrey and Paul Davison make the decision to invite their four children and their children’s significant others. In order to their weekend estate to celebrate their wedding anniversary in an effort to repair their fractured family bonds. Despite a difficult start to the celebration, the Davisons get force to band together or perish as crossbow-wielding intruders wearing animal masks suddenly strike.

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3. Stay Alive (2006)

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Director-  William Brent Bell

Together with his friends Sarah and Rex, Loomis Crowley is testing the underground game Stay Alive. Loomis discovers Rex and Sarah dead in their room after the game is over. Also, he is push off the stairway by a shadow, breaking the bannister. Hence, hanging the same way he did in the game. Emma, Loomis’ sister, offers Hutch, his best friend, his game. They participate in the game along with his friends Miller, Phineus and his sister October, Swink, and Abigail.

The survivors reveal that the game is based on the life of the terrible Countess Elizabeth Bathory. When Miller and Phineus pass away just as they did in the game. In the Geronge Plantation, she was buried alive in the tower that represented her true state. After October gets kill and the survivors arrive at the house under police pursuit. They look for the Countess’s corpse in an effort to kill her evil companion.

4. Saw (2004)

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Director- James Wan

Freelance photographer Adam Stanheight and doctor Lawrence Gordon wake up in a run-down restroom with no memory of how they got there. After listening to the tapes that each of the two men find in their pockets. They quickly understand that they have been caught up in a “game” that the fame Jigsaw Killer has set up for them. At first, Adam and Lawrence believe their chances of escaping are slim, but they soon come to believe otherwise.

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5. Funny Games (2007)

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Director- Michael Haneke

Father George, mother Anna, and son Georgie are travelling to a summer vacation house. They do the normal preparations families make for vacation as soon as they arrive there, including putting the boat in the water. Here comes neighbour Peter, who comes over to borrow a couple eggs. Peter seems kind and submissive, yet there’s something unsettling about his demeanour. Paul shortly follows him, who is as polite but with an even more unnerving demeanour. Shortly after arriving, the strangers deal George a severe leg injury and kidnap the family, revealing their violent side. They don’t want to rob someone or steal anything, but their intentions are unclear. They bet that Anna, George, and Georgie will all be dead by 9:00 the following morning as part of a game.

6. Dead Body (2017)

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Director-  Bobbin Ramsey

At a remote house in the wilderness, nine high school graduates celebrate their graduation. In college, they begin a life away from home, where they quarrel, procreate, and experience homesickness. Dead Body is a game that is played after the party has ended. But when one partygoer goes too far and starts killing the other guests one by one, it’s up to the group to put their differences aside and find the killer before it’s too late.

7. Cube (1997)

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Director- Vincenzo Natali

Six individuals, all from very diverse backgrounds, awaken to discover themselves inside a massive cube with countless conceivable rooms. Each of these people—a cop, a math prodigy, a building designer, a doctor, an escape artist, and a crippled man—has a special talent that becomes apparent when they must work together to escape. Each one contributes to their exciting journey to learn the reasons for their incarceration.

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8. Escape Room (2019)

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Director- Adam Robitel

To play the escape room game, in which participants compete to solve a series of puzzles to win $10,000, six daring individuals journey to a mystery building. As the four men and two women learn each room is an elaborate trap that is a part of a sadistic game of life or death, what initially seems like innocent fun quickly turns into a living nightmare.

9. Would You Rather (2012)

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Director-  David Guy Levy

Iris, who attends a dinner party that turns into a risky game. Iris is trying to find a donor for her cancer-stricken brother Raleigh. Would You Rather is “Not a horrible one at all,” a Reddit user named cthulutx commented. Iris is the final female character, and she is just as strong and obstinate as many others, knowing that the only reason she is playing this awful game is to support her brother.

10. Ready Or Not (2019)

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Director(s)- Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, Tyler Gillett

Following a formal wedding ceremony at the opulent mansion of the extraordinarily wealthy Le Domas family, the kind groom, Alex Le Domas, warns his happy young bride, Grace, that the celebration is far from finished and that they still have a long night ahead of them. Grace will soon have to play a game that seems innocent and hide till dawn someplace in the enormous mansion’s deep halls and winding passages as part of a sinister, long-standing family custom. Whether Grace is prepared or not, the fully-armed Domases are coming for her, and things are going to become violent.