Over the course of his 50-year career, Alfred Hitchcock has always had a distinct visual style and a knack for involving spectators in his dark, often enigmatic characters. Cary Grant, in particular, excelled at portraying charismatic characters whose motives and actual nature was ambiguous.

Below are some of his best films.

1. Notorious

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Following her German father’s conviction for treason against the United States, Alicia Huberman turns to alcohol and men. A government agent approaches her and begs her to spy on a group of her father’s Nazi buddies based in Rio de Janeiro. Romance blossoms between Alicia and Devlin, but she becomes overly preoccupied with her profession.

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2. Psycho

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Stressed and under duress after stealing a significant sum of money from her workplace and fleeing, a partially destitute office worker who committed a crime in order to marry the man she loves gets lost and decides to spend the night at a motel, regretting her actions. However, on her one night at the motel, she discovers that choosing this motel was a mistake. She discovers the young sad manager’s mother to be an unrelenting psycho.

3. Vertigo

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Madeleine is the lady who brings John “Scottie” Ferguson to high areas. He is a retired San Francisco police investigator who suffers from acrophobia. Scottie is approached by a wealthy shipbuilder who is a college classmate. The man wants him to accompany his gorgeous wife, Madeleine. He believes she has been possessed by a deceased ancestor who committed suicide. He fears she is going insane, possibly contemplating suicide. Scottie is skeptical at first, but once he sees Madeleine, he agrees to the task.

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4. Strangers On A Train

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Mama’s-boy psychotic On a train, Bruno Antony meets famed tennis player Guy Haines. While awaiting a divorce from his wife, Guy has been courting Senator Morton’s daughter Anne in order to pursue a career in politics. Bruno concocts a bizarre plan for the perfect murder in which two complete strangers, Bruno and Guy, swap murders in a crisscross pattern. Guy finds it hilarious, but Bruno is serious and decides to take matters into his own hands.

5. Rope

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Brandon and Philip are two young males who share an apartment in New York City. They believe they are intellectually superior to their friend David Kentley, so they resolve to assassinate him. They strangle David with a rope before burying his body in an old chest and throwing a small party. David’s father, his fiancée Janet, and their old schoolteacher Rupert, from whom they misappropriated their ideas, are among the guests. Rupert begins to have doubts as Brandon becomes more brazen.

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