Awake Netflix Movie Review, Awake Netflix fails to capitalize on a very interesting plot with lackluster writing.

When I saw the Awake Netflix trailer a few days ago I was really excited about the movie. I instantly liked the plot and premise of the movie and it could have been so much better than what it actually was. Awake Netflix is based in an apocalyptic world where no one can sleep. The second thing I liked was that it had Gina Rodriguez in it. And it is always a pleasure to look at her. Gina has worked in so many action movies and always fits the role given to her. And the last thing that I liked about the movie is that it is based on logical facts. None of the zombie kind of movies and its humans against humans. When the ability of sleeping is taken away from people, they will become hostile and violent. And that is a fact the movie was based on.

Awake Netflix Movie Review

Awake Netflix Plot

The official synopsis of the movie reads “

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After a devastating global event wiped out all electronics and eliminated people’s ability to sleep, a former soldier may have found a solution with her daughter”.

The plot is really simple and is really easy to understand. A global disaster destroyed every electronic in the world and people’s ability to sleep. Which leads to tension and chaos all over the globe. With lack of sleep, people start making rash decisions, and with no one to contact they start being paranoid. This leads to more chaos and the world is in shambles. Ex-officer Jill realized that her daughter, Matilda can sleep amidst all these fracases. And realizes that she can be the key to get out of this. But with people’s lack of thinking and senses, everyone tries to steal Matilda for themselves. Wil, Jill be able to save her daughter and save the world too?

Awake Netflix Movie Review

I said that the movie is based on real facts that can happen in real life. Well, screw that, it is pretty much pointless from start to finish. Even after the plot was so good and it had so much potential the movie falls flat on its face. There are just so many dumb moments here. There is no continuous pace, the plot starts from anywhere and ends anywhere, with no relation between the sub-plots. In short terms, Awake Netlfix is a mess. If I have to write Awake Netflix Review in just one word, it would be ‘chaotic’. There are too many things happenings simultaneously that your mind can’t keep up. And most of all, they didn’t let anything play out to its entirety.

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And that is really bad, as you can’t get invested in anything for real. Because by the time you will process it, it is already over. And above that there is no real character in this movie. You can’t really back yourself against anyone. Everyone here is stupid and completely irritational. And that is not because of lack of sleep, they are portrayed like that right from the start. And I don’t know, but by the end, this movie was some kind of cult fiction.

Awake Netflix Performances

Nothing really special to write about in this section too. I was really looking forward to Gina Rodriguez, as she shines in these kinds of movies. But Awake Netflix doesn’t give her any character to work with really. She is as bland as it can get. And after all that, she has done great work in some scenes and looked beautiful throughout the movie. Other than that there is no one else that really caught my eye.

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Awake Netflix: Is It Worth It?

In my opinion, you can skip past Awake Netflix and you won’t miss a thing. It is a mediocre low-budget sci-fi movie, that bites off more than you can chew. They decided to mix up as many things as they possibly could. And even after that, it felt slow for few minutes. And I don’t know-how is that possible. There are lots and lots of stupid moments throughout the movie. And when the movie is only 1 hour 36 minutes long and has this amount of stupid scenes, that is bad news for everyone. And above that, there is no interesting character that can make it worth watching. I am sittings in front of my Television, watching stupid people making dumb decisions for 1 hour 36 minutes and waiting for something to happen.

Even now, if you want to watch it, you can watch it on Netflix. Awake Netflix has no regional boundaries, so you can enjoy it from any place in the world.

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