Army of the Dead Movie Review, An action packed and gory movie with emotional touch to it.

We are back with another Reelsrated Netflix Movie review. So, Zack Snyder’s Army of The Dead just came out a few days ago and it was rad. I absolutely loved the movie. It was not everything I expected it to be, but it was enough. After releasing Justice League Snyder Cut on HBO Max, this is Snyder’s second movie on a major platform. And somehow he has delivered both times. It is mental to think that Warner Bros. isn’t letting him pursue his vision. But, we are not talking about that at the moment. So, let’s shift our focus to the movie at hand.

Army of the Dead Movie Review

Army of the Dead Movie Review

I knew this movie was going to be a special one from the start. It has such a unique aesthetic to it that it immediately catches your attention. And I think that it definitely worked for the movie. It fits the theme of the movie so well. Don’t get me wrong, There were lots of cliché and dumb moments too in the movie. But they can be ignored without much difficulty. And if you can get past those scenes, which is not that difficult, you will enjoy this movie. It might have been one of the best Netflix movies of 2021.

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The plot was very intriguing and interesting and was sensible. If you don’t want your movie to be spoiled we are telling you to stop reading now. Because after this there will be spoilers.

During a zombie outbreak in Las Vegas, a group of mercenaries decides to rob the casino. I thought that would be the plot of the whole movie. But it became so much more while watching it. I have so many questions after the movie, to be honest. What was that bit about the Alternate timeline? Is the Zombie virus alien? How are the zombies increasing their numbers so fast? And don’t worry these questions will be answered. Deborah Snyder has confirmed that there will be two prequels of the movie. A possibility of a sequel is also there. So they are making it a full franchise and I love that idea.

The most exciting fact is that the prequels will consist of a movie and an anime. The prequel movie “Army of the Thief” has already completed and will release later this year. And anime is being produced by Zack Snyder himself and I absolutely love it.

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There were so many cool characters in the movie. I almost liked every character, but the one I absolutely loved was Zeus: The Undead King. I never could have expected Zeus to have so many similarities with Knightamre Superman from Injustice series. Yes, this site has so many references to DC, But I can’t help it. Both were evil superhuman tyrants with a cape ruling over an apocalyptic kingdom. Another similarity was they were both moaning about the loss of their pregnant wife. I mean similarities are too accurate to ignore.

I also liked the character of the girl. She absolutely slayed everyone. She killed 100 zombies on her own. It was one of the most badass characters I have seen in a while. But her death didn’t make much sense. I mean, her whole team was standing only 20 feet away from her and none of them saved her. That was actually a dumb scene I was talking about earlier.


It was an action packed movie. And every cast member understood what they were given. And everyone did their role almost perfectly. There is nothing much to be said about the cast. Everyone was good at what they were given and justified their role.

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Dave Bautista stands out the most. I never thought that he can pull off a character with such grace but he did. I think that his previous roles didn’t allow him to do something like this. And we might see him in more movies like this in the future.


It was my favorite part of the movie. This is the reason why I liked writing this Netflix Movie Review so much. Zack Snyder is a master at his craft and he showed us that. He somehow managed to captivate me from the start to the end. Every shot was beautiful and the color choices have also suited the movie. He knew what to shoot at what time.

What To Expect?

Overall, it is a fun movie to watch with lots of things to unfold. It is not my favorite Zack Snyder movie, obviously. But it had so many emotional moments that caught me off guard. Alongside some of the best effects, I have seen in a while with a very unique take on the Zombies. It is a really fun watch and you will enjoy it to the fullest. I enjoyed the movie and I also enjoyed writing this Netflix Latest Movie Reviews.