It makes far more sense to depict such things in an animated medium since the animation frequently explores concepts like wizards, warriors, dungeons, dragons, and mythological realms where anything is possible. Due to the success of the genre and the medium among animation studios like Disney and Studio Ghibli, it may be easy to predict the success of similar projects in the years to come. However, there weren’t many movies that heavily experimented with animation prior to Disney and Studio Ghibli. Here are a couple movies you probably didn’t know existed.

1. The Spine Of Night (2021)

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Director(s)-  Morgan Galen King, Philip Gelatt

An ambitious young man steals restricted information from a sacred plant in the opening of this epic fantasy saga. It tells the history of a kingdom that never existed. He succumbs to its more sinister attractions, unleashing aeons of pain on humanity in the process. People from all backgrounds and cultures must make an effort to stop him as his strength increases through time. Daring tomb raiders, star-crossed lovers, a psychotic necromancer, eagle-borne assassins. Also, an eternal guardian are just a few of those who oppose him. watch cliched fantasy movies

2. The Secret Of Kells (2009)

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Director(s)-  Tomm Moore, Nora Twomey

In an isolated mediaeval stronghold under siege from invasions by barbarians, young Brendan dwells. The arrival of a renowned master illuminator from the Isle of Iona with an ancient, unfinished book containing hidden knowledge and abilities. However, heralds the beginning of a new life of adventure. Brendan must face his greatest fears on a perilous adventure that sends him into the enchanted forest. There, mythological creatures lurk in order to help finish the magical book. Here, he encounters the fairy Aisling, a fascinating young wolf-girl who aids him on his journey.

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3. Dragonlance: Dragons Of The Autumn Twilight (Video, 2008)

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Director-  Will Meugniot

Six friends—a dwarf, a half-elf, a warrior, a magician, a knight, and a kender—broke out in search of a sign from the earliest. The most authentic gods of the Krynn universe. They rejoin in the midst of war rumours and escalating evil five years later. The sign they are looking for is not revealed to them. Until they come across a stunning tribal princess and her barbarian protector. Their current situation pits them against unspeakable monsters and horrors. It have the power to either destroy them or turn them into the greatest heroes Krynn has ever seen.

4. Tales From Earthsea (2006)

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Director- Goro Miyazaki

The country is experiencing something strange. The kingdom is slipping away. People are starting to behave strangely. What’s even stranger is that people are starting to spot dragons, which aren’t supposed to exist in the realm of humans. Ged, a wandering magician, is looking into the origin of all these strange occurrences. Prince Arren, a young teenager who is upset, is a character Harry encounters along the way. While Arren may appear to be a bashful young adolescent. However, he actually has a serious dark side that gives him power, hatred, and brutality. Especially when it comes to protecting Teru, this dark side gives Arren no mercy. This is the ideal chance for the witch Kumo. She has the ability to turn the boy’s anxieties against Ged, the person who could be of most use to him.

5. Wizards (1977)

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Director- Ralph Bakshi

Elves, fairies, dwarfs, and mutants have repopulated the Earth after a nuclear war that wiped out the human race. Twin sons who are both strong wizards are born to the queen of fairies. In contrast to Blackwolf, who is a malicious mutant, Avatar is a good-hearted elf. Blackwolf has unearthed old weapons, technology, and warfare in the wasteland of Scortch. He and his army of mutants and trolls go out to exact revenge on the new planet and wipe out Avatar.

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They are joined by a group of friends, including the robotic killer Peace, who was sent by Blackwolf to kill Avatar. As well as the elf fighter Weehawk and the fairy princess Elinore. To stop Blackwolf and his army of darkness from wreaking havoc on the new planet. Hence, causing another Holocaust, Avatar and Blackwolf set out towards Scortch. There, they engage in the supreme conflict between good and evil.

6. The Lord Of The Rings (1978)

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Director- Ralph Bakshi

The first chapter of the well-known fantasy novel by J.R.R. Tolkien is presented in this Ralph Bakshi animated animation. The wise old wizard Gandalf gives a magical ring to the little hobbit Frodo. Soon, Frodo will be pursued by dark forces, forcing him to flee his tranquil home. A journey to the terrifying Mount Doom, where the ring must be destroyed. Frodo is helped by the enigmatic Aragorn in addition to a group of three hobbit buddies and other valiant comrades.

7. Fire And Ice (1983)

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Director- Ralph Bakshi

The last of humanity flees north, seeking refuge in the temperate, volcanic kingdom of compassionate King Jarol. As the darkest of sorcery, conjured by the wicked megalomaniac Lord Nekron, births a towering, ever-growing glacier. War is getting closer as the relentless glacier mass devours everything in its path. Princess Teegra, the tenacious and resourceful only daughter of King Jarol, is put in danger. As Nekron’s hideous minions rise from the depths of the Earth, the encircling grasp of his sorcery tightens upon the last of the survivors. Now, the young protector Larn bravely sets out on a perilous mission in the heart of a hostile. A monster-infested nation to save raven-haired Teegra from Nekron’s evil schemes.

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8. The Black Cauldron

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Director(s)-  Ted Berman, Richard Rich

Assistant pigkeeper Taran harbours youthful aspirations of becoming a legendary warrior. He is forced to put his daydreaming on hold when the Horned King, a malevolent king, kidnaps Hen Wen, an oracular pig who serves as his charge. The villain is hoping Hen will lead him to The Black Cauldron, which has the ability to summon a massive army of unstoppable soldiers. Taran will attempt to protect the world of Prydain from the Horned King with the help of an obstinate princess, an exaggerated bard, and a bothersome creature called Gurgi. Taran begins to understand what it is to be a hero and that some things are more important than glory as he and his new allies battle witches, elves, magic swords, and the Cauldron itself.

9. The Return Of The King (TV Movie, 1980)

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Director(s)- Jules Bass, Arthur Rankin, Jr.

Frodo and Samwise, two Hobbits, battle their way through the desolate country of Mordor in order to destroy the Ruling Ring on Mount Doom in this movie, which is an adaptation of the concluding novel of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. The troops of Sauron are fighting back at Minas Tirith, where Gandalf and the others are engaged in a hard struggle, but Sauron appears to be winning as the Ring, the source of his strength, begins to progressively corrupt those who wear it.

10. Metamorphoses (1978)

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Director- Takashi Masunaga

Five animated Ovid tales, including those of Perseus, Actaeon, Aglaurus and Herse, Orpheus and Eurydice, and Phaeton, were collected in the surreal movie. A recurring boy character dubbed Wondermaker served as the protagonist of each vignette. Metamorphoses, which features music by Joan Baez and Mick Jagger and no spoken characters, was created as a Fantasia for the rock period. The movie exhibits a complete smorgasbord of inspirations from the late 1970s: the illustration clearly echoes Disney, and the opening sequence is a carbon duplicate of Star Wars.