Amend: The Fight for America, The fight for equality is hard. Really hard. After all, even after all those years, we are still fighting for it. Amend: The Fight For America just try to show these fights and struggles to us. Amend the fight for America Netflix is a documentary series by Netflix that focuses on the struggles all people have to face even after all these years of independence. The show primarily targets the implementation of Article 14 and its amendment over the years to make people’s lives better. Usually, Netflix knows how to make good documentaries. It is their strongest point and they somehow always make it work. Netflix has produced some of the finest documentaries in the past few years. Sadly, I don’t think to Amend: The Fight for America is one of them.

The main problem with Amend the fight for America Netflix is that they tried to make it movie style documentary. It worked for the first two episodes, but after that, it felt flat to me. But it gets repetitive after sometimes. The mention of Section 14 is too much for my liking. Don’t get me wrong, The Fight for America is a decent show that will inform you about the constitution of America and the struggles everyone had to face to get where they are now. This series will take you on a journey of struggle, hardship, the fight of millions of Americans over the years to get their share of the equality.

Amend: The Fight for America

According to Section 14 of the American Constitution, every citizen is equal in the eyes of law. But, was it always like that? Was everyone treated equally right from the beginning? Are people still treated being treated equally? This show will put lots of things for you in perspective. The six-episode series, with each episode focusing on different stories of struggles, fight, girth, and determination.

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The main issue with the show was that it felt corny and cheesy at so many parts. It felt like the makers were trying really hard to make it feel impactful. The main thing is that when you are dealing with such kind of topic you don’t have to dramatize the show even a single bit. You have what want already, just present it as real as you can and it will work. The constant need of Netflix to overly dramatize a series and making it a TV show-style documentary really affects every single show.

This trick worked for the first two episodes. Those two episodes were really impactful and made me feel things. After that, it was the same thing over and over. I think it was my expectations that really killed the show for me. It’s just when you look at the cast of the series, you think that it will be something monumental and that is where it went really wrong.


The plot of the show differed in each episode. Each episode focused on a different story of different people. Amend the fight for America Netflix concept was really good and they somehow executed it well as well.

The first episode focused on the story of Frederick Douglass. Who after escaping slavery became a pivotal speaker for the citizenship of Black People in America. This episode was the highlight of the series. Hands down the best episode of the series without any doubt. Mahershala Ali absolutely nailed the role. It won’t be wrong to say that he was the one that carried the whole episode on his back.

The second episode focused on Section 14 promise of equality after so many years of violence, ratification, and the lost cause ideology. Citizens were suffering and Section 14 came as a relief for everyone. Episode third focused on Martin Luther King Jr. and his protest against John F.Kennedy. If you don’t know about that protest, I suggest you go and watch this episode. This is one of the most monumental pieces of history. The fourth episode focused on gender inequality that was so dominant in America. Women of the country lead a movement and in the end, Article 14 was amended to give them the equality they deserved. Episode fifth focused on the LGBTQ community. The sixth and final episode focused on the migrant citizens in the country. They come to America with the hope of a better tomorrow. But they get racism, violence, and policies opposing them. There are so many recent examples of this.

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What can I say about the cast? The cast is so strong that I knew from that it would be impossible to give every single actor their complete due. The cast includes Noveen Crumbie, Will Smith, Mahershala Ali, Utkarsh Ambudkar, Bambadjan Bamba, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Bambadjan Bamba, Samuel L. Jackson, Diane Lane and so many more big names. You can go and read the full cast on Netflix’s official website.

Will Smith with his charm completely saved the show. He was absolutely from start to finish. When you have a cast like this you can’t expect an amazing performance from everyone. And everyone delivered. Will Smith became the only saving grace of the show. Noveen Crumbie sounded perfect as the narrator.

Mahersahala Ali was just phenomenal. It is hard for me to remember this strong performance from anyone recently. He absolutely submerged himself in the character. He was feeling the pain, struggle, fight, and determination of his character.

The cast was the thing that saved the show, but it also somehow ruined it. I mean, when you have this strong cast you want to see everyone getting their complete due. But it was not the case. When you have actors like Joseph-Gordon Lewitt and Samuel L.Jackson, give them something to do. When your main starts have so little to do they can’t create any sort of impact you want them to.

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I think the direction of the show was pretty good. The way they shifted from documentary style to movie-style was really sublime. Reinaldo Marcus Green and Kenny Leon had good chemistry and were in sync with each other. They never felt out of sync for a single moment. The way they filmed the acted scene was also worth applauding. They were able to capture every little detail that should have been captured. After the cast, this was the strongest point of Amend: The Fight for America.

Amend: The Fight for America Music

The music of the series was also decent. It increased the weightage of the scenes, increased the intensity, and made dialogues more impactful. They never felt out of order. They never disrupted or disturbed my watching. So, overall the soundtrack of Amend the fight for America Netflix was pretty much a success story.


This is where the problem lied for me. The dialogues were impactful and had an effect on me, but after some while they became repetitive. The use of the word amend was too much. It felt cliche and corny so many times. Like the fact that Will Smith was just standing there and narrating to us as a high school teacher worked for the first two episodes. After that, it became boring and repetitive.


Overall this was a show that could have been a masterpiece but felt short because Netflix needs to constantly make a show more impactful and dramatic than it needs to be. In the end, it felt like another overbudgeted Netflix show that just focused on making the show look rather than being actually good. It was still a decent watch. I am mad at makers because they could have made us so much better than what we got. Otherwise, if you really want to watch something meaningful, this might be the way to go.

This was our The Fight for America Review. What did you think about the show? Let us know down below.

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