Loki Episode 5, just came out and it was amazing. There were so many things that I had to get around my head. Loki is undoubtedly the best Marvel show ever. And no one will argue about that. The fifth episode was filled with so many easter eggs and all of them rocked. So, we have decided to list all those easter eggs here. We have tried and listed every easter egg we could find. So, let’s take a look at all those easter eggs because it might lead to something big in future episodes.

Loki Episode 5

Loki Episode 5

Qeng Tower

Qeng Enterprises is a company owned by Mr.Gryphon. You might know Mr.Gryphon as Nathaniel Richards or more basically “Kang”.

Kang the Conqueror is considered to be even more powerful than Thanos. He was supposed to make an appearance in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, but it looks like we will get to see him before that. And if he comes in Loki, it will be amazing.

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Qeng Tower might not result in much as we just saw a little glimpse of it. But, a person can dream, right?

Throg and Mjonir

Loki’s fifth episode revealed that Thor’s enchanted hammer Mjolnir is buried in The Void. But we still don’t know how it got there. In Ragnarok, we saw Mjolnir getting destroyed by Thor’s sister Hela. So, how did it got there? It will be interesting to see how it will play out.

Another thing that was really interesting was that just underneath the Mjolnir, we saw a glass jar. And inside the jar was “Throg”. Throg is a Marvel hero and he is Frog Thor. Another brilliant thing was that the jar was marked as T365. Referencing Thor #365, the comic book issue featured the first appearance of Frog Thor.


I always had to ask why does Thanos need a helicopter. I will never get that answer but the fifth episode of Loki featured Thanos-Copter. And I can’t keep calm. Does it mean that Thanos will come into Loki in near future? It is most likely a troll and is just increasing fans’ expectations. But in TVA, anything can happen at this point.

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Broken Statue Heads Of The Living Tribunal

Living Tribunal is a cosmic entity in Marvel Multiverse. And I am surprised that they referenced him in any way. Living Tribunal is the most powerful creature in the Marvel universe. He can nullify the infinity gems in a second. The broken statue confirmed that Time Variance Authority is working extra to keep everything in check. So, if Living Tribunal ever comes out, it might be the end of the multiverse.

Enlarged Head Of YellowJacket

If you are a fan of Marvel Comics you obviously would have heard of Yellowjacket. He was also the villain in 2015 Ant-Man. So, in a parallel timeline, instead of dying Darren Cross was able to turn himself into a giant Yellowjacket. Just like Ant-Man did in Captain America: Civil War. Obviously, it won’t lead to anything in the future, but it was still nice to see.

Red Skull’s Escape Aircraft

We also saw Red Skull’s escape aircraft that he used to escape before everything was destroyed. Red Skull’s rocket plane is an advanced HYDRA prototype rocket-like plane created by Red Skull for transport and combat.


I don’t like unnecessary S.H.I.E.L.D. interference in movies and series. But, when it involved Helicarrier, I won’t complain. The S.H.I.E.L.D. ship was also spotted in the dystopian horizon. It was kind of destroyed, I wonder what happened there.

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Dark Aster

Dark Aster is the coolest ship in MCU and I won’t hear otherwise. Just like all the objects we also saw a glimpse of Ronan’s ship Dark Aster from a distance. Ronan was the main villain in MCU’S Guardians of the Galaxy.

Sanctum Sanctorum

You have seen Sanctum Sanctorum in quite a few movies now. Sanctum Sanctorum is the residence of Dr.Strange. We saw it in Dr.Strange and a few other Avengers movies. It also made its appearance in Thor: Ragnarok.


Loki’s Norse Mythology Swordalso came into the play. It was a beautiful scene when Loki light up the sword.


The last episode of Loki might really feature Kang and it can’t get any bigger. The final scene of the fifth episode saw Loki and Sylvie finally solving the mystery by defeating Alioth. And that showed them a glimpse of what might be Chronopolis. Chronopolis is the main realm of Kang in the future. So, it will be a really interesting last episode if you ask me.