All The Easter Eggs and Things, From Howard The Duck to Peter on Earth. The second episode was a madness!!

All The Easter Eggs and Things, The first episode of What If…? was kind of average only. I mean the concept is really cool and the animation was sick. But there were many things that Marvel had to figure out. Obviously, this was bound to happen as it was something new that Marvel hasn’t tried before. And it was out of their comfort zone for sure. And the second episode is proof of that. It shows that the quality of this show is increasing and Marvel is getting the hang of it. And obviously, the quality is going to improve only.

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The second episode of Marvel What If…? saw T’Challa as the Star-Lord. yes, you heard that right. We won’t spoil the whole episode for you. And that is why we are warning you to move forward only if you have watched the episode. Because this article will contain spoilers.

All The Easter Eggs and Things

All The Easter Eggs and Things
All The Easter Eggs and Things

T’Challa as Star-Lord

So, let’s get this out of the way first. There were a lot of details and a little bit of Easter Eggs here and there related to T’Challa in this episode.

  • Star-Lord famed mask glow with purple lights just like Black Panther suit.
  • Korath actually recognize Star Lord in this reality.
  • There was a brief mention of Krylorians too by T’Challa himself.
  • T’Challa’s ship is named Mandela after Earthbound hero Nelson Mandela.

Now that we have gotten some little detail about T’Challa out of the way, let’s get into the real ones.

Drax’s Family

Thanos is not a Mad Titan in this reality. So, he didn’t hire Ronan to kill Drax’s family. So both his wife and daughter are alive in this reality. And that is just the happy ending we needed.

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Nebula’s Story

Well, Drax is not the only one who got a happy ending in this reality. Nebula also got one and it is surreal. In this reality only one of her eyes is artificial and her story is so much more bright.

Thanos is a Gardener?

Yes, you heard that right. Thanos is not a Mad Titan here rather he is a gardener. Well, he always wanted to have his own farm. So good for the lad.

The Black Order

The faithful of Thanos in Endgame can be seen as the Collector’s minions.

The Nova Corps

We see a little glimpse of them only. But it was clear that they are Nova Corps only. As evidenced by their yellow-and-blue distinctive jackets.

Collector’s Toys are really Dark!!

T’Challa got to see the collection of Collector and it was really amazing. He had Cosmo the Space Dog there and there was another major character there. The main antagonist of Thor: The Dark World, Dark Elf was also a part of Collector’s cosmic toys.

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Howard the Duck and Frost Giants

I just thought this needed a separate entry. Howard the Duck enters MCU for the second time as part of Collector’s Cosmic Toys only. But Howard The Duck was also used to reference two other major characters, namely Frost Giants and Kronans.


There is a slight indication that we might have got an X-Wing from Star Wars in this episode. It was a very small cameo but hey, I love Star Wars and it was really awesome.

Dairy Queen

Now that Quill is on Earth he can live his life peacefully. We got to see Dairy Queen, which is the same restaurant Ego took her mother to.

Peter and his Mix Tape

Well, Peter might have not gone to a different planet, but he still carries his walkman with him. And the name of the playlist? Yes., you guessed it, Awesome Mixtape Vol. 1

These are all the details from What If…? episode 2 we thought you might have missed. Know any other details that we might have missed? Let us know.