As much as we connect to Bollywood films on an emotional level, these films also give us a visual treat. The beautiful large sets, colorful costumes, and large sceneries. The stories are told in beautiful large frames so that the picture stays with you.

Below are some visually stunning Indian films.

1. Dil Se.. (1998)

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Director- Mani Ratnam

The crux of this novel about the clash between love and philosophy is on Amarkant Varma, the son of a deceased army officer. He travels all around India as a program executive for All India Radio, interviewing individuals to commemorate India’s 50th anniversary of independence. On one of his journeys, he meets and falls in love with a fascinating and mysterious woman named Meghna, who appears to enjoy leading him on. He pursues her all the way to Ladakh, where she leaves him after only two days to join a gang of insurgents on a mission. Amar agrees to marry Preeti, his mother’s choice, despite his heartbreak. Meanwhile, Meghna is chosen to lead a suicide mission during the Republic Day Parade. And their paths cross when she runs into Amar again near the location of the mission.

2. Ludo (2020)

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Director- Anurag Basu

The lives of four strangers converge because they have a shared bond. Akash discovers secret video footage of him and his lover Shruti on the internet. Shruti is getting married in a few days, and cops are looking into his case. Mithun Chakraborty fan Alok Kumar operates a restaurant, and his weakness is his adolescent infatuation with Pinky. She has married someone else. Pinky approaches him at his restaurant, pleading for assistance in rescuing her husband from the cops. They had arrested him for a murder he did not commit. Due to non-payment of rent, Rahul Awasthi, who works for an unpleasant mall manager, loses his home and seeks refuge in a small hut. However, a dead body emerges from the building.

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Bittu has recently been released from prison and discovers that his wife has married a friend. Also, his daughter does not know him. He makes a friend in a young girl named Mini, who has planned her own kidnapping because her parents do not have time for her. A tragedy occurs, and all of the people’s lives are linked to a crook named Sattu.

3. Barfi! (2012)

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Director- Anurag Basu

Despite her strong feelings for Barfi, Shruti succumbs to cultural and parental pressures to marry a “regular” man and have a “normal” life. Many years later, when Barfi, now in love with Jhilmil, is on the run from the cops, their paths intersect once more. Jhilmil has vanished, and Barfi is frantic to find him. When Shruti discovers that Jhilmil is autistic, she realizes that genuine love is truly blind. Shruti learns she is still in love with Barfi while caught up in a cat and mouse game in quest of the female Barfi adores.

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4. Fitoor (2016)

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Director- Shekhar Kapoor

Begum hires Noor, a poor but competent Kashmiri youth, as a stable-keeper. Firdaus, her daughter, is the object of his adoration. Begum becomes aware of his acts and dispatches Firdaus to London. She tells Noor that she needs to be successful in order to earn Firdaus’ heart. He grows up to become one of India’s most successful young artists. Begum, on the other hand, has different plans to crush his ambitions.

5. Jodha Akbar (2008)

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Director- Ashutosh Gowariker

Jodha, the daughter of Raja Bharmal of Amer, will marry Raja Ratan Singh, who would inherit her father’s throne following their marriage. Sujamal, her cousin, is enraged at losing the crown and joins the rebels. When the Mogul Emperor is preparing to invade Amer Raja Bharmal, Jodha proposes to marry Akbar, which he accepts because it would provide a powerful alliance between the Mughals and the Rajputs. Jodha suggests to Akbar that she will not alter her religion and that a temple be built for her in order to escape marriage. This is something Akbar does not hesitate to do. When Sujamal comes to meet Jodha in private after their marriage, Akbar’s nanny plots against her. After Akbar questions Jodha’s character and the truth is revealed, Akbar rushes to take Jodha, who informs him that he needs first to change his relation in his realm.

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6. Haider (2014)

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Director- Vishal Bhardwaj

When word of his father’s disappearance reaches Haider, he travels home to Kashmir. Not only does he find that his father has been jailed for sheltering terrorists, but he also learns that his mother is dating his own uncle. As both mother and son try to come to terms with the news of his father’s death, an intense drama ensues. When Haider discovers that his uncle is to blame for his father’s death, he embarks on a trip to avenge his father’s death.

7. Devdas (2002)

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Director- Sanjay Leela Bhansali

Narayan Mukherji, his multi-millionaire Zamindar father, has put Devdas Mukherji on a no-fly list. Devdas returns to his village after completing ten years of study, and his family is overjoyed to see him, but their joy is short-lived when Devdas chose to pay homage to his mother before visiting his childhood sweetheart, Parvati alias Paro. Devdas discovers that he is still the black point in his father’s life after all these years, especially when he is prohibited from marrying Paro, a lower-caste girl. After some time has passed, Paro’s family arranges for her to marry Bhuvan Choudhry, a much older man with children her age. Devdas’ heart is broken, and he is heavily reliant on alcohol as a result of his misery. He soon begins to attend a brothel, where he meets Chandramukhi, a courtesan. Devdas trudges down a path of self-destruction, one step at a time.