Murder Mystery 2, James Vanderbilt and Jeremy Garelick will serve as the writer and director for the sequel.

Murder Mystery 2, This announcement was due for a long time now. I mean, almost 30 million people watched Murder Mystery on Netflix during its first weekend only. And if the movie was released in halls the collection would have been estimated to be around 70-75 million. So, it was obvious that Netflix would go for a sequel because if they didn’t it would have been one of the biggest missed opportunities of all time. But now that it has been confirmed that we are getting a sequel and the contracts have been signed, it’s all good now.

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The first part of Murder Mystery saw Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler as a couple being framed for a murder on a cruise. The first part was everything you expect from a classic Adam Sandler movie. It was chaotic, rough, and had comedy skits here and there. And I really enjoyed the first part. And I expect the same thing from the sequel as well.

When Will Murder Mystery 2 Release?

Netflix has revealed nothing as of now regarding the release date of the movie. The only news that we have is that Netflix is fast-tracking the production of the movie. They are focusing on finishing the movie as soon as possible. So we can expect a release in mid of 2022 or something. We don’t know anything for sure yet. We will update you as soon as we will get some more information.

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Obviously, Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston will return for the sequel. James Vanderbilt will write the screenplay while Jeremy Garelick will polish the script. Jeremy Garelick has worked with Aniston previously on her hit movie The Break-Up.

Murder Mystery 2 Shooting

The shooting is supposed to take place in Paris and the Caribbean. So, get ready for yet another exotic-looking movie from these two. Both of the lead actor chemistry was on point when the movie came out and we can expect the same from both of them in the sequel as well. I am excited about the movie and I hope this time it gets a theatrical release. Because I want every movie to be released in theater first. But that is my personal opinion only.

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