A Superman series

A Superman series, DC has announced three new animated projects and all of them are looking fantastic. Three separate announcements involve a Batman, A Superman series, A Batman, and an Injustice animated movie. And all of them are looking absolutely amazing. Injustice movie is an adaptation of a comic book series of the same name. While the other two projects are original ones.

My Adventures With Superman

The first project that was announced is an animated for Superman titled “My Adventures With Superman”. The series will focus on Clark Kent building his identity while building his career alongside Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen. I am excited about this one. It will shine a light on Superman in a different way. See, Superman is one of the best superheroes ever. But what he really lacks is character depth and experiment. We have serious Batman for adults, comedic and light Batman shows for kids, and dark and gritty ones for absolute fanatics. But Superman doesn’t have that and it is a shame. With My Adventures With Superman, we will see a Superman in his early twenties. Trying to figure out both his Clark Kent and Superman life. And we haven’t seen that ever. So, I am excited about it.

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The series will be produced by Warner Bros. and has already been confirmed for two seasons already. I love the art style of the show. It is anime-esque and is very soft looking, it is kind of adorable. Which makes complete sense given that it will be a kid-friendly slice of life kind of show. And because of this, we might get smoother action scenes.

Jack Quaid will voice the character of Superman. You might know him as Hughie from “The Boys”. He is excited to work in the series and so am I to see him. Alice Lee will voice the character of Lois Lane. The show will come on Cartoon Network and HBO Max at the same time.

Batman Caped Crusader

This series is going to rock. And there are so many reasons for it. Firstly, it will be created by Bruce Timm, JJ Abrams, and Matt Reeves. Matt Reeves is also the director of Batman’s upcoming movie in DCEU. Secondly, it will explore the mythology and psychology of all the iconic Batman characters in a Gothic Noir key. And a psychological-based Batman show is the best Batman show. All three makers described the show as a reimagining of Batman mythology. I know we have already gotten so many Batman shows and I love all of them. But I hope that this one is more focused on the storyline and characters instead of having a more episodic style. And make it as dark and mature as you can. Just give me a complete R Rated Batman series in which Batman doesn’t kill because that is the best version of him.

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I will love this show if they can focus more on the noir and detective elements of the show. Just don’t make Batman bland and let him evolve and change his character throughout the show. Let him evolve and insert more human functions into it. Have a clear beginning, middle, and eventually the end. Just involve the whole Batman family. And allow for more mature storylines and topics that weren’t in the Batman : The Animated Show. Have brutal action scenes, death scenes, character changes, and stakes. But don’t let Batman kill. I trust both Matt Reeves and Bruce Timm and I know they understand the character as well. I know they will develop a good series and I am excited about it. The series will air on Cartoon Network and HBO Max.

Injustice Animated Movie

Now, this might be the biggest win for all the DC fans. The announcement was made via a press release for Batman: The Long Halloween, Part Two. A trailer will be included among the bonus feature of Batman: The Long Halloween Part Two. There are no other details revealed about the project but we all know it will be good. Injustice has been one of the most loved storylines by DC fans. A universe where Superman turns evil is something to drool at. It is a kind of shock that it took this while for an Injustice movie to come out. Both comic book series and games have been top sellers in their respective categories. And now the movie is going to rule it.

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We don’t know if the movie will be an adaptation of a comic book series or movies, but both are iconic. If we are going to animate the comic book series, there are more than 5 movies. And I am all in for that. An official announcement will be made in the coming days and a trailer will be released in a bonus scene of Batman: The Long Halloween, Part Two. The movie is scheduled to release on June 22, 2021. So, it is not that far.

So, if you are a DC fan you are in for a win. All these three series looks amazing.