A Quiet Place 2 Review: ‘A Quiet Place 2’ might be the best movie of 2021 so far.

I am feeling sad for all those critics who watched this movie a year ago on screening and couldn’t talk about it until now. If you show me a movie this good, I won’t be able to shut up about it. Well, I am kind of jealous of them too, as they saw this movie twice now, as they were screened again. But, let’s keep that aside. After almost a delay of a year ‘A Quiet Place 2′ was released on May, 28, and man it was worth all the wait. It was able to hold me right from the start till the end. It won’t be wrong to say that this is just as good as the original one.

A Quiet Place 2

A Quiet Place 2

A Quiet Place 2 Plot

A Quiet Place 2 starts right from where the first part ended. After the Abbott family kills one of the monsters. Now, they know how to kill them and it gave them hope to survive through this apocalyptic world. They are forced to abandon their house and will have to find a new society. But, they have to do it quietly. But, they have a newborn now, and that is a problem in many ways. So, will the Abbott family survive? And what kind of world is outside of the area they are living in? The movie runs through this narrative and was able to make it a lot more interesting than it should have been. And the ending of the movie justified Krasinski’s plan of making the third part. Anything further than this will be a spoiler, so we will keep it short here.

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I think every cast member did their job perfectly. Emily Blunt was amazing and the constant fear on her face set the pace of the movie. You could see how distraught and afraid she was just by her eyes. It was one of her strongest performances ever. Cillian Murphy again showed us why he is regarded in such a high sense these days. He understood his role and performed it very well.

Millicent Simmonds as Regan Abbott might have been my favorite part of the movie. Emily Blunt was good but her character didn’t have that much backstory. Cillian was also good, but he was just introduced and I wasn’t able to get attached to him completely. But Millicent had all the things going on for her. She is deaf and John wanted to make her the centerpiece of the story. She saw her dad dying in front of her and blamed herself for that. It gave her character more depth and Millicent did her job perfectly. Other actors like Noah Jupe and Djimon Hounsou also performed their part quite well. John was in a guest appearance and did what was required of him.

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Now, this is the strongest part of ‘A Quiet Place 2’. John completely stole the show with his direction. ‘A Quiet Place 2’ is one of the most well-directed movies I have ever seen. The first part was directed by John only and he did an amazing job there also. But, somehow, he was able to improve upon that and delivered a masterclass here. His use of camera titration and shaking was out of this world. The way he captured every expression of every actor made this movie a whole lot better. I want to watch this movie and most of the credit will go to Krasinski for that.


Another up for the movie. The background score of ‘A Quiet Place 2’ was amazing. It increased the tension in the movie without ruining anything. The soundtracks were hauntingly beautiful and were used in the perfect places. And in my opinion, that is what a background score should do in a movie. Increase the thrill without coming in between any dialogues. And weirdly in ‘A Quiet Place 2’, the background increased the stakes of the movie. At least that is what I felt like while watching it.

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Other Positives

I really liked how they didn’t try and hide the monsters. They were not afraid to show them on the screen. They have no real motives and that makes them even more dangerous. They just want one thing and that is to destroy anything that makes a sound. Hopefully, we might get to know why they are on Earth in the next part.

I really liked the intensity of some of the scenes in the movie. The fear in Noah’s eyes once his character realized that his leg was stuck in the bear trap, You could almost tell the exact moment where the pain really kicked in after the shock. It was scary and beautiful at the same time.


The only negative I found was the lack of character depth. They could have increased the length of the movie by 20 minutes and I wouldn’t have complained. But, it was nothing that affected the movie on a big scale. It was just something there that I noticed.

How To Watch?

If you are in USA you can watch it in theaters near you. You can check the complete release schedule of the movie on IMDB. The movie will be available on Paramount+, 45 days after the release.

Considering everything, This movie is a roller coaster movie that you all should watch at any cost. It is worth it no matter how you look at it.