Who does not love a mystery, right? That sensation of mystery and your urge to solve the mystery and look for answers before the revelation is something that everyone enjoys. Best Mystery Movies make you do that unconsciously.

Whether it is a whodunit murder mystery or a psychological thriller, mystery or thriller movies will always remain in fashion. No other genre can garner such love from all types of audiences.

So, selecting only eight movies from so many worldwide took a lot of work. But we have somehow made it possible. So, if we miss any of your favorite movies, please forgive us. Here are 8 Best Mystery Movies That Stir The Mind Of The Viewer.

Knives Out

Best Mystery Movies
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This might be the most recent movie on the list, and it is just amazing. The comedy route that the creators took undoubtedly made this simple whodunnit one of the best of all time. It was so dark, so funny, and so unique.

Daniel Craige shines in his role alongside Chris Evans. Ana De Armas silently gives a performance that everyone will remember for a long time. And the background score is just phenomenal.

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P.S. Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery is also a very solid movie, and you should also catch that.

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Another classic thriller, another Daniel Craige performance that won’t be forgotten easily. This man has the ability to leave his mark no matter what the script is. He is just so genuine and so talented.

Now, talking about the movie, David Fincher has a mind for twisted movies. We could have inserted Gine Girl here, but the ending is terrible. So, we went ahead with this one because it is like poetry.

Just stick around for the first 20 minutes of the movie. And you will be able to leave your seat at the end. This movie is just that good.


This 2001 noir-styled movie was way ahead of its time. Even now, many people who watch it for the first time fail to understand how great this movie really is. There is a reason this movie is constantly in every debate of Best Mystery Movies ever.

With Christopher Nolan’s wide vision and a hell of a mind came out a story that no one expected, and it hit them right where it hurt. If you plan to watch any thriller movie, this should be on that list.

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Best Mystery Movies
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A very underrated movie that no one talks about nowadays. And it is criminal to think this movie does not get the attention it deserves. It is such a weirdly toned movie that you can’t compare it with any other movie.

It is not afraid to be funny and does not keep itself in a box. I can’t do justice to how much I like the movie, but it is one of the Best Thriller Movies you will ever watch.


It does not matter which version you watch because every single version offers you something new and different. And every single version is good. After all, the original movie was remade in 7 different languages.

But as the saying goes, the original is always the best. So, if you want to watch this movie, you should go for Mohanlal’s Drishyam, which came out in 2015. And you will be mind blown as to how amazing this movie really is.

Murder On The Orient Express/ Death On The Nile

There are two versions of these movies, and both versions are brilliant. The classic Agatha Christie version should be mindblown as to what you have just watched because both Poirot mysteries are just something else.

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Or you can watch Kenneth Branagh’s newer versions and enjoy the classic tale with a modern swing to it. The third part of the series A Haunting in Venice will hit the theaters in September, so it is the perfect time to watch the newer version.

Dial M For Murder

Best Mystery Movies
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I wanted to add Chinatown, but in the end, I went ahead with Alfred Hitchcock’s Dial M For Murder. Another underrated movie that absolutely no one talks about, and it just shatters my heart.

There is a perfect crime in this movie regarding murder, and you will be baffled by how the criminal is caught. It is such a ride from start to finish. Watch it and then come and say thanks.

Silence Of The Lambs

Let’s keep all the disturbing, gruesome, horror thing related to this movie aside and appreciate it as a form of art and how brilliant this is. One of the best psychological thrillers of all time, and it is not even close.

You get the flavor of horror, thriller, and psychological aspects, and every one of those factors is near perfect in this movie. I won’t say anything else, as you owe it to yourself to watch and appreciate this art.