With Spencer releasing this month, there are previous of Kristen Stewart’s performances that may have been overlooked by the audience. Apart from playing Bella in the Twilight series Kristen has delivered some of the best performances of her career.

Below are the 7 most underrated films of Kristen Stewart that are must-watch.

1. Charlie’s Angels

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Sabina Wilson, Elena Coughlin, and Jane Kano work for Charles Townsend. It is a mystery security and investigation agency with a global reach. There are now teams of Angels led by numerous Bosleys taking on the toughest assignments all around the world. Thanks to the world’s brightest, bravest, and most highly trained women.

2. Adventureland

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After his parents suffer a severe career setback in 1987, James Brennan’s ambitions of a summer European tour before studying at an Ivy League institution in New York City are shattered. As a result, James must find a summer job to finance his forthcoming costs at Adventureland. It is a run-down local amusement park. There he meets and falls in love with Emily Lewin, a clever coworker. The teenage carnies have unforgettable and unpleasant learning experiences about life, love, and trust in that very shady industry. On the contrary, James discovers what he genuinely values.

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3. Camp X-Ray

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A young soldier joins the military to escape her oppressive tiny town, only to discover that she will not be serving in Iraq as she had anticipated. Instead, she is detained in Guantanamo Bay. She forms an unexpected bond with a young man who has been imprisoned in Gitmo for eight years. Despite the men in her charge’s hostility and cruelty.

4. Personal Shopper

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Maureen, a young fashionista, secretary to a celebrity woman, and a talented medium, hasn’t made touch with her 27-year-old twin brother Lewis since his tragic death from a congenital abnormality of the heart three months ago. After an oath sworn between the twins, Maureen is silently battling the gut-wrenching loss and despair, while also hoping for a sign from her deceased brother. Maureen, wraithlike and attuned to the ethereal realm, is inevitably bound between this world and the spiritual, always hunting for gates and a sign that would prove her brother right, but in vain.

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5. Panic Room

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Meg Altman, who recently divorced, and her daughter Sarah have purchased a new home in New York. They come to the panic room on their tour of the mansion. No one can get into this room since it is so secure. Meg flees to the panic room after three intruders break-in. Her problems, however, do not end there. The crooks know where she is, and the most important item they require in the home is in that room.

6. Underwater

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An unknown enormous earthquake strikes a drilling site in the Marianna Trench’s bottom. Under the threat of deep pressure, black water, hazardous deep-sea monsters, and a persistent lack of oxygen, a research crew must navigate their way across the ocean floor to another station.

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7. The Runaways

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Joan Larkin, a kid from the San Fernando Valley, reinvents herself as Joan Jett, a guitarist who aspires to establish an all-girl punk band, in 1975. She proposes the idea to a sleazy manager, Kim Fowley, who connects her with a drummer and then looks for a face: he discovers Cherie Currie, a suitable jailbait image for his purpose, at the age of 15; by chance, she can sing. The Runaways are completed by two more members. Fowley organizes a tour, signs them to Mercury Records, and sends them to Japan to perform in front of large crowds. Early on, the seeds of discord are sown: Fowley makes Cherie the focus of attention in the publicity, she’s quickly strung out on drugs and liquor, and jealousies emerge.

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