It is so sad to see your favorite action movie franchises popularity die down. And action franchises are really close to the audience’s heart. We have had so many Action Movie Franchises that have stolen the audience’s hearts.

James Bond, Mission Impossible, The whole MCU, and DCEU are just a few examples. But some franchises are so good, yet their popularity is dying daily and people are forgetting about them.

And it is not their fault. They just need a reminder of how good these series are. So, here are 7 Action Movie Franchises That Are Regressing In Popularity.

Dirty Harry

Total Movies – 5(1971-1988)

There are at least three very good movies in the Dirty Harry franchise. 3 out of 5 is a good ratio if you see what we are getting today. Obviously, the first part is the best and was something different at the time.

The character of Harry not giving a damn made the movie more like a western drama rather than a cop fiction. And that is what I loved most about the first part. It goes downhill after that, but Sudden Impact and Magnum Force are worth watching.

Action Movie Franchises
Dirty Harry

The Expendables

Total Movies – 3(2010-)

This might be a mistake because the fourth installment in The Expendables series will grace our cinema halls in 2023. But it still feels like The Expendables has lost the popularity it once had.

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Don’t go into the movie looking for a plot. When you have Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jason Statham, Dolph Lundgren, and Stone Cold Steve Austin tossing bad guys out of the building, who cares about the plot?

Just enjoy the movie for what it is. It is dumb action-packed high intense entertainment, and you have the time of your life. We hope the popularity of this franchise bounce right back up with the new installment.

Lethal Weapon

Total Movies – 4(1987-)

Let’s pretend the final movie of the franchise is not coming out in 2023 because we can’t have the same justification twice in a row. But the way the Lethal Weapon franchise is treated right now is criminal.

If you are fed up with the clunky humor in action movies nowadays, Lethal Weapon is your cure. It is so shocking how the creators could weave such good comedy in such an intense franchise without affecting it.

This franchise is a perfect example of how to execute action/comedy that does not lose its integrity by ruining scenes with humor when it doesn’t need to but is still laugh-out-loud funny.

Action Movie Franchises
Lethal Weapon 2

IP Man

Total Movies – 4(2008-)

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The popularity of IP Man has definitely taken a toll. It is evident from the fact that the upcoming fifth part of the franchise has taken a 50% budget cut as compared to the first part.

IP Man does not deserve that. It is truly a beautiful series. It looks like it will bore you on paper, but in reality, these might be some of the most emotional movies you will watch. And all of this is conveyed through action sequences only.

IP Man really shows how vital good fight choreography is for a movie. Every single fight in the film involving the title character is a complete curb stomp in his favor. The main protagonist is not just fighting against the Japanese Empire but against poverty and hunger to survive. Truly one of the greatest Action Movie Franchises.


Total Movies – 5(2002-2016)

So, the third least famous secret agent is on the list; who would have thought? There are five movies in the Bourne franchise; honestly, 4 of them are solid. This franchise never gets the love it deserves.

The first part is definitely the best. It had some actual plot and character development. The minimalistic score and setting, the fast-paced “realistic” fights, the shaky cam aesthetics, and Matt Damon’s performance really gave birth to a new secret agent.

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The second and Third parts were solid action flicks, and you will enjoy them. Legacy was actually pretty solid. I wish they had continued with Jeremy Renner. We don’t talk about the fifth part here.

Action Movie Franchises
Jason Bourne


Total Movies – 3(2008-2014)

Taken as a whole series is criminally underrated. Yes, it gets monotonous after the first part. But the action sequences, the camerawork, and an intimidating Liam Neeson that can kill a bear still remain.

I can accept that Taken is such a wasted potential but what we have is not that bad. The first film is a modern action classic and really shows how intimidating Liam Neeson can be in the proper role.

Second and Third follows the same route, and that can be frustrating. But at no point will you feel bored while watching them.

Jackie Chan’s Police Story

Total Movies – 6(1985-2013)

You got six movies of Jackie Chan playing his favorite role. A Hong Kong police officer. How can it be bad? The real problem starts when people don’t realize how good this franchise is.

Jackie Chan is at his best in all six parts. His comic timing and impeccable action choreography are something to marvel at. If you want a good time without thinking about anything, Police Story is the perfect 12-14 hour getaway for you.

Action Movie Franchises
Police Story 1