As Cinephiles, we all know how cinema has made it’s place into the world and into our hearts. There is always more to it than meets the eye. World cinema has contributed more to the field than anyone could ever imagine. Today, we have brought you a list of 5 Non-English films that will make you fall in love with them.

La Dolce Vita (1960)

Director – Federico Fellini

Runtime – 2h 58min

Genre – Drama/Comedy

Fellini is an acclaimed director of the highly influential Neorealism movement in cinema. ‘La Dolce Vita’ meaning ‘The Good Life’ is a classic masterpiece. It surrounds the so called glam world, full of cameras, tabloids and paparazzies. However, the shine does not seem to outlast. The film is a very interesting piece to watch as it takes on the 7 deadly sins of life.

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The Raid – Redemption (2011)

Director – Gareth Evans

Runtime – 1h 41min.

Genre – Action

If you love classic action movies, If you have a thing for martial arts or If you love to dip yourself in the barbaric battle field. This is the film to watch. Rated as one the most successful action films of all time. The Raid Redemption is a film packed with action in it’s every inch. It follows the story of Rama and his tactical task force stuck in a 15-storey building owned by a drug lord as they must complete the covert mission by capturing the drug lord with whatever little ammunition they have.

Fallen Angels (1995)

Director – Wong Kar-wai

Runtime – 1h 35min.

Genre – Romance/Drama

Handcrafted by the master of romance Wong Kar Wai himself, Fallen Angels is a masterpiece and will forever by cherished in the altars of cinema. The film is about finding solace amidst the season of loneliness. The story follows a pair, one contractor and one serial killer who are the two sides of one coin when it comes to love. There is a prominent melancholy that surrounds the air around them. Just the chemistry that the audience gets to live through is enough to delve deep into the film.

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Amores Perros (2000)

Director – Alejandro González Iñárritu

Runtime – 2h 34min.

Genre – Drama/Crime

The directorial debut of the legendary 3 time Oscar winner Alejandro González Iñárritu. Amores Perros literally means love is a bitch. Part one of the classic trilogy of Inarritu. The film is set as a triptych where through 3 stories the lives of many people entwine with one element maintaining it’s course throughout all of the 3, A Dog. Full of complex emotions and broken stories, Amores Perros is a treat to watch and basically the first rudder to the career boat of the director.

Ivan’s Childhood (1962)

Director – Andrei Tarkovsky

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Runtime – 1h 35min.

Genre – War/Drama

The lovechild of the most prestigious name in the cinematic world Andrei Tarkovsky is the film Ivan’s childhood. The film unravels in the war period where the complexities of human emotions are tested in the simplest of all manners. Ivan’s Childhood is the story of Ivan who is in his early years and serves as a spy to his nation, Because of his age and size he is able to get his hands on the secrets, very easily. The relations he develops with the Soviet officers seem to get him easily through life.