If you adore Rosa Salazar, then you would probably consider her as the King Midas of the Sci-Fi genre. Rosa’s contribution to the genre has been so immense that even her acting inspires the flipside of the genre. So, We take a ride on the roller coaster in the Salazar village. Top 5 films to watch if you love Rosa Salazar.

Alita: Battle Angel (2019)

Director: Robert Rodriguez

Runtime: 2h 2mins.

Cast: Rosa Salazar, Christoph Waltz, Jennifer Connelly

With Salazar as the lead, Alita comes as a breakthrough in her career. The film is a 3-d animated one and comes off in the shadow of the infamous James Cameroon as the producer. Alita played by Salazar is a cyborg who is revived by Ido (Christoph Waltz) in a robot ridden world. Realizing the teenage spirit she has inside her, Alita sets off to find about her past self.

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The Maze Runner (2015)

Director:  Wes Ball

Runtime: 2h 11min.

Cast: Dylan O’Brien, Ki Hong Lee, Rosa Salazar

The popular franchise, we all have gone through in our teens. Salazar plays Brenda. Though a supporting character yet she manages to carve out an identity on her sheer talent. Everyone knows the premise of the franchise. However, In this film Thomas and the others are put in a facility that is run by a Mr. Janson. As it reveals further that the intentions of Janson seem bent on a whole other curve. The runners escape the facility only to discover that they have to survive in scorching heat.

Bird Box (2018)

Director: Susanne Bier

Runtime: 2h 4min.

Cast: Sandra Bullock, John Malkovich, Rosa Salazar

As Raj from The Big Bang Theory would say, His girl Sandy B slays it in the film. Adapted from the popular novel with the same name, Bird Box is a terrifying thriller that delves on the borders of the supernatural. Salazar plays the role of Lucy in the film. The film is about an unknown species of creatures that arrive on Earth’s surface. The horrifying point however comes when anyone who looks at them die a painful and terrible death. In order to survive Malorie along with her two children have to travel to a sanctuary that is safe for people to live in. But, to do so they have to make the survival along the journey in blindfolds. The only element that can alert them is the consistent chirping of the birds in a cage that happens when threat is near.

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Insurgent (2015)

Director: Robert Schwentke

Runtime: 1h 59min.

Cast: Shailene Woodley, Theo James, Rosa Salazar

The sequel to the popular film ‘Divergent’. Insurgent is the point where the literal target is insurgence of the factions that do not belong directly to the government. With outstanding performances from Salazar and Kate Winslet in their respective roles, Insurgent becomes a treat to watch. Perhaps, the point to look out for is the conspiracy that unravels as a major life threat surfaces.

CHiPs (2017)

Director: Dax Shepard

Runtime: 1h 41min.

Cast: Erik Estrada, Dax Shepard, Rosa Salazar

As we move to the last, a surprise waits our way. CHiPs is not a film that belongs in the category of other two but deserves a well rated spot in the list. The film is a hilarious action comedy with Dax Shepard and Rosa Salazar in prominent roles. The story unravels as two detectives namely Jon and Frank team up to investigate a heist that reported a loss of over a million dollars. The part becomes interesting when part of the mission involves exposing dirty cops from their own acquaintances while the friction between the two does not seem to halt.

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