The Hindi Cinema Industry is one of the largest film industries in the world. Bollywood continues to contribute highly to the world cinema and has changed millions of lives. Today, We salute the pioneers of Indian cinema, The few in a million captains of the ships. The directors that have proved our mettle yet again and again to the world. 5 most influential directors of all time in the Hindi Film Industry.

Anurag Kashyap

Born:10 September 1972

Films: Gangs of Wasseypur (I & II), Ugly, Gulaal, No Smoking

Kashyap is one of the well known faces of the Indian cinema. Kashyap is popularly known as the Tarantino of India because of his obsession with films. Anurag Kashyap has been recognized world-wide for his contribution to the Indian cinema. His directorial style deals with presenting the stories & characters in their most raw and authentic manner. However, the unofficial Indian delegation at Cannes has a hand written letter from Martin Scorsese commending him on his work.

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Dibakar Banerjee

Born: 21 June 1969

Films: LSD, Oye Lucky Lucky Oye, Detective Byomkesh Bakshy

The one who differentiated his way from the masses through the ladders of sheer talent. Dibakar is one of the most intelligent people who work in the industry today. With a groundbreaking display of his skills in the film LSD, Dibakar is the underdog of the Hindi Cinema Industry. However, His directorial style is very unconventional that involves using motifs and movements complimenting the story in a chaotic yet poetic way.

Guru Dutt

Born: 9 July 1925

Films: Pyaasa, Kaagaz ke Phool, Saheb Bibi Aur Ghulam

The infamous director-actor of the 50’s, Guru Dutt is a legend. Mentioned in the highest accolades in the golden pages of Hindi Cinema. With cult films like Pyaasa & Kaagaz ke Phool. The king of melancholy, Guru Dutt is and always will be an inspiration to millions. Fun-Fact: Two new faces were finalized for the main lead of the film Aradhana. Rajesh Khanna got the role. Few know the fact that the second face was none other than Guru Dutt himself.

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Raj Kapoor

Born: 14 December 1924

Films: Awaara, Shree 420, Mera Naam Joker

Firstly, As we speak of Raj Kapoor, We take a moment to bow down to his legacy that has made the Film Industry what it is today. Above all, Raj Kapoor has been awarded with the title of Asia’s Biggest Showman which is enough to speak for itself. The man who gave us Shree 420, The Charlie Chaplin of India and the legend who hand crafted our film industry. Raj Kapoor is one the harbingers of the Indian New Wave. Therefore, his films dealt with the social plights and would always inspire a positive way to live.

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Satyajit Ray

Born: 2 May 1921

Films: Pather Panchali, Charulata, Sadgati

Saving the best for the last. Ray has been and always will be next to god for the Indian Cinema. The revolutionary director has inspired millions and millions of filmmakers. His unique approach to his stories has pierced hearts. Filmmakers such as Martin Scorsese and Christopher Nolan have considered him in the highest of honors in the altars of cinema. His film Pather Panchali is the most real and authentic depiction of our people. In fact, The Academy awarded Ray with a lifetime achievement award for his contribution to cinema.