The Kajol and Bobby Deol movie brought Bollywood three key components: suspenseful content, an obsessional lover-turned-serial killer, and a fantastic soundtrack with an unexpected climax. The film, Gupt, has gained a cult following and is currently the best example of what a mystery, suspense, and thriller movie should be like. However, there have been and continue to be some filmmakers who have produced intriguing thriller films that send shivers down the spine both before and after Gupt. The list of films similar to Gupt is below.

1. Anjaam (1994)

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Director- Rahul Rawail

The affluent and spoiled Vijay Agnihotri resides in Mumbai with his mother. Everything he wants has been granted to him by his mother. Vijay accidentally meets Shivani Chopra, an air hostess, one day and falls in love with her right away. On their journey to Shivani’s residence, they have an unpleasant shock when they discover that Shivani had already married Ashok Chopra, an airline pilot. He informs his mother about his love, and she agrees to arrange for him to get married. Shivani continues to be persuaded to marry Vijay despite his inability to accept the proposition. Shivani’s family is also destroyed by him, and she is imprisoned. Shivani intends to exact revenge on Vijay after she is let out of prison and hold him accountable for all of his transgressions.

2. Darr (1993)

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Director- Yash Chopra

Kiran Awashti, a gorgeous woman, intends to wed Sunil Malhotra, a courageous, strong, and influential navy guy. The couple’s life first seems to be going smoothly as they both significantly start to get ready for marriage. However, things quickly turn around when an unknown caller who appears to be Rahul Mehra starts harassing Kiran physically and psychologically. Sunil now has a choice to make: he can either leave Kiran and wed Rahul, who is smitten with her, or he may take on an unbeatable assassin.

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3. Aankhen (2002)

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Director- Vipul Amrutlal Shah

Vijay Singh Rajput has dedicated his life to serving his bank as an employee and has received numerous awards. He has, however, grown very possessive of the bank over the past few years and has no remorse about berating his employees for making mistakes. The bank management ultimately decides to terminate his employment due to his violent behaviour. Vijay is upset and decides to take revenge on the bank when he meets Neha, who trains blind people while imprisoning her younger brother. For the job, Vijay chooses three blind men—Ilias, Arjun, and Vishwas—and asks Neha to train them to rob a bank. The sixth sense-wielding Vishwas is aware that Neha is not the sole planner behind the scheme. Rather, there is another individual.

4. 16 December (2002)

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Director- Mani Shankar

India’s victory over Pakistan in the war of 1971 allowed it to free Bangladesh from Pakistani dominion. This took place on December 16. Some of the hard-lined Pakistani soldiers were resentful and upset at the capitulation when the country’s dictator handed himself over to India because they intended to keep fighting the Indians until they died. They quietly withdrew, eventually uniting to form their own bands of Jihaadi warriors to launch terrorist strikes against India’s neighbour.

5. Kudrat (1981)

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Director- Chetan Anand

Both Naresh, a medical professional with US education, and Chandramukhi from Bombay are on vacation with their families. Naresh and Chandramukhi express interest in one another, which is welcomed by their parents. An prominent and affluent man named Choudhary Janak Singh resides in a gorgeous colonial-era mansion with his lawyer daughter Karuna. Their house visitor Mohan, a Chandigarh-based attorney, is a student of Janak Singh. Karuna and Mohan start to fall in love. The pre-independence Indian characters Paro and Madho’s tale has an impact on the present. Events that occurred in the lives of Paro, Madho, Janak, Saraswathi, the gardener, and the disgraced policeman thirty years ago recur to forge evocative connections between the past and present.

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6. Ajnabee (2001)

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Director(s)- Abbas-Mastaan

Newlyweds Raj and Priya relocate to Switzerland, where they make friends with Vikram and Sonia, their next-door neighbours. They grow quite close to one another and decide to travel to Mauritius. As he doesn’t want to defraud Priya, Raj refuses Sonia’s advances as she begins to seduce him. Raj observes Vikram with another woman, and the following day, Vikram talks to Raj about exchanging wives. This angers Raj, and a fight ensues. Raj and Priya then return from their trip and keep a distance from Vikram and Sonia.

What transpired between the two is unknown to Sonia and Priya. After saving Vikram’s life a few days later, the two start talking about switching wives again on the night of Vikram’s birthday. That night, they both go to the other person’s residence. Raj is judged guilty of killing Sonia the following day since he spent the night with her. Sonia was found brutally slain.

7. Ram Jaane (1995)

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Director- Rajiv Mehra

An unknown young person who was abandoned at a young age is subjected to slurs about his name and faith. He queries the name of the clergyman. When the youth asks for his name, the priest replies, “Ram Jaane” (God knows). He eventually becomes a feared gangster as he grows up and becomes a career crook and thief. His childhood girlfriend Bela is the love of his life, and he thinks she feels the same way. Ram makes the decision to fight against other gangsters’ plans to occupy the building where Bela resides in an effort to win Bela’s admiration and win her hand in marriage. Ram merely succeeds in enraging the gangsters and their men, learns that Bela despises him and wants to wed Murli instead of him, and discovers that Bela dislikes him.

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8. Aarzoo (1999)

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Director- Lawrence D’Souza

Dayashankar watched as his own brother Kalishnath shot and killed his friend Rajpal. Then he makes a pledge to raise his son Amar and arranges for him to wed his sole daughter, Pooja. He is ready to keep his word 20 years later, but Pooja admits that she is in love with airline pilot Vijay. Dayashankar initially rejects this. However, after getting persuade by Amar, he decides to accept it and Pooja and Vijay’s marriage gets celebrate. A few days later, Vijay takes a flight when he has an accident and is initially thought to be dead. As for Pooja, she gets remarried to Amar and has a child. Vijay finds out that his accident was preplanned not long after he returns. He now needs to learn who was behind his death’s scheme, why it occurred, and whether he will ever be able to exact retribution.

9. Kasoor (2001)

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Director- Vikram Bhatt

Shekar Saxena has been taken into custody and is accuse of killing his wife, Priti Saxena. Shekar adamantly maintains his innocence and that the murder got commit by a third party. Simran Bhargav, his sympathetic attorney, not only supports him but also effectively defends him and secures his acquittal. She begins to question his innocence after he was found not guilty, and she must defend herself to avoid becoming his next victim.