List of best stoner comedy films to make you feel high.

1. Friday (1995)

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Craig Jones is out of work today, having been fired the day before. This has caused conflict with Smokey’s supplier, Big Worm, who now demands payment or the return of his product, or Smokey is dead. Then there’s Deebo, the neighborhood bully, as well as Craig’s jealous, psychotic girlfriend, Joi, and Debbie, Craig’s crush. On a Friday, a lot can happen while you’re relaxing at home.

2. How High (2001)

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Silas and Jamal, two guys, decided to smoke something magical one day, which helped them ace their college entrance exam. This eventually leads them to Harvard, where they are surrounded by Ivy Leaguers. Despite the fact that their new lifestyle is vastly different from their previous one, they continued to have fun until their supernatural smoke ran out. They are now on their own and must rely on one another to survive.

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3. Ted (2012)

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In this live-action comedy from Family Guy (1999) creator Seth MacFarlane, a man struggles with the lingering effects of a childhood wish. As a child, John Bennett wished for his beloved teddy bear Ted (voice of MacFarlane) to come to life. Surprisingly, that wish was granted. But now that John (Mark Wahlberg) is an adult, his childhood fantasy has turned into a nightmare.

4. This Is The End

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Instead of spending quality time with his best friend, Seth Rogen, actor and stand-up comedian Jay Baruchel gets dragged along to James Franco’s new Hollywood estate for a massive housewarming celebration. However, as Jay tries to mix with other celebrities such as Michael Cera, Danny McBride, Jonah Hill, and Craig Robinson, a series of Apocalyptic occurrences wreak havoc on Los Angeles. The Rapture arrives right in the middle of the celebration. A few survivors are now holed up in James’ modest house. They are trying to make do with fast dwindling food and water supplies while figuring out how to stay alive.

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5. The Big Lebowski

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When two thugs mistake “the man” Lebowski for a billionaire Lebowski, they urinate on his rug to get him to pay a debt he has no knowledge of. He accepts a one-time job with a huge pay-off while attempting to get compensation for the torn carpeting from his affluent counterpart. He enlists the help of Walter, a gun-toting Jewish convert with rage issues, who he met at the bowling alley. Deception leads to greater difficulties, and it quickly appears like everyone wants something from The Dude, from porn empire tycoons to nihilists.